Kevin Nash Lost The WCW Championship In A Tag Team Match At Bash At The Beach 1999

Hamish Woodward

At Bash at the Beach 1999, Kevin Nash defended his WCW Champion in a tag team match.

The Champion teamed with Sting, to take on the duo of “Macho Man” Randy Savage” and Sid Vicious.

The rules of the match states that whoever achieved the pinfall would win the match, and take home the coveted world title.

This was a ridiculous way to lose a title, given that WCW had it;s own tag team titles to be won in tag team matches.

Bash At The Beach 1999

kevin nash scott hall

As Michael Buffer announced the entrance of Randy Savage and Sid Vicious, he mentioned that they seemed unconcerned about winning the title belt, which left some fans questioning their motives for competing.

Despite their apparent lack of interest in the championship, Savage and Vicious fought fiercely against Kevin Nash and Sting in a somewhat average main event.

At the start of the match, Gorgeous George joined Nash in his corner and Sting led the charge for their team. However, George eventually betrayed Nash and helped Savage secure the pin, making him the new WCW Champion.

Savage celebrated his victory as the disappointing show came to a close.

The next night, Hulk Hogan would return to challenge Savage, winning the WCW Championship thanks for interference from former Champion Kevin Nash.

This match would be one of the catalysts for Jeff Jarrett’s NWO 2000 being formed at the end of the year.

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