Kip Sabian On Getting Married On AEW Dynamite And Breaking Face On The Cake

Hamish Woodward

The wrestling wedding is a tradition that goes back nearly 50 years, but the only one to happen in AEW was when Kip Sabian married Penelope Ford.

The two AEW stars tied the knot on the AEW special episode “Beach Break” in 2021, as part of their ongoing rivalry with the Best Friends.

With Chuck Taylor as their butler and Miro as the Best Man, the pair tied the knot live on AEW Dynamite.

Kip Sabian married Penelope Ford in the first wrestling wedding in AEW history.

Well, that was what they claimed at the time, but in actuality they wed the day before, in a rushed ceremony that caused a ton of stress on the pair.

In a recent interview with Sappenin, Kip Sabian revealed all behind his wrestling wedding, noting how the actual wedding was incredibly rushed, and was almost cancelled due to horrific weather.

“We got engaged, and then the idea was pitched to us, ‘Do you guys want to do a wrestling wedding?’ ‘Yeah, sounds great.’ As a wrestler, as soon as you’re presented with TV time, you’re probably going to want to take the TV time. We thought we would have plenty of time to get married, but the timeline of the wrestling wedding got shot up.

Don’t know of the reason why, but I guess there were changes in plans for stuff down the line, so they had to move it sooner. I’m pretty sure we had maybe three to four weeks to put together the wrestling wedding. I’m very big on bad luck and omens. I didn’t want to get pretend married before we got really married because, to me, it could be a bad omen for our real marriage.

We had to rush to get that done. We didn’t want a big wedding anyway, we wanted to put our money into our house as opposed to our wedding. We did a courthouse wedding, but that was almost cancelled.

That was two days or the day before we got married before the TV wedding. That was almost cancelled because there was a snowstorm. The night before we got married, they called us up and said, ‘hey, we can’t do it, the roads aren’t clear.’ We’re panicking. The next morning, we get a call, ‘If you get here within an hour, we can do it.’ We rushed to get ready, we let our family know, we rushed through the snow to the courthouse to do it.

Two days later, we got pretend married and [Penelope] nearly broke her face on the cake because it was so hard.”

The real wedding eventually went well, although their wedding on AEW Dynamite did not go as planned.

Despite things looking good for the most part, it ended in disaster. Kip Sabian and Miro attacked Chuck Taylor, before Orange Cassidy emerged from the cake to take out the pair.

This was an incredibly memorable moment, and one of the highlights of Kip Sabian’s career so far.

Kip Sabian’s wedding was the last wedding in a major promotion in the US, but rest assured that there will be many more in the future, if tradition is anything to go by.

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