Max Caster Reveals Plans For Rap At All In

Wembley Stadium is hosting AEW in August for All In, and Max Caster is already planning his rap for the event.

As one half of former AEW Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed, Max Caster has become of the most popular wrestlers in AEW.

This is in part to his rapping. Before every match, he performs a short rap while walking down the rap.

This rap usually references his opponents, as well as current events that are local to the city they are in.

With AEW coming to England for the first time ever, he has had plenty of time to conjure up a few verses about various events going on in the United Kingdom.

Twitter user “@hitman8976rawk asked Caster “have you any ideas for your rap at Wembley?”, to which the former AEW Tag Team Champion promptly replied.

In reply to the message, Max Caster gave a succinct, two word answer – “Prince Andrew”.

This is a reference to the disgraced Prince, who has been reported to have been involved in some controversial circumstances, alongside the late-Jeffrey Epstein.

While he has not been convicted yet, the general public in the UK hold a very negative view on the son of the late-Queen Elizabeth.

While Max Caster has never been shy to reference controversial events, Tony Khan may want to keep him away from such controversial topics in their British debut at Wembley Stadium.

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