CM Punk Names Elijah Burke As His Worst WWE Opponent

Hamish Woodward

CM Punk has revealed who his worst opponent was in WWE, throwing shade at one of TNA’s most popular stars.

The former WWE Champion joined the company in 2005, and had eight very successful years with the WWE.

While Punk has had some of the best matches in WWE history throughout his career, he also has had some terrible ones, with some bad opponents.

He is not often asked about his worst opponents, due to his ability to have fantastic matches with almost everybody he steps into the ring with.

However, CM Punk singled out one former TNA star as his worst opponent, bringing up a name that nobody has thought of the past 15 years.

CM Punk Names His Worst Opponent

During an interview with Beneath The Mat, CM Punk named Elijah Burke as his worst ever opponent.

CM Punk worked with Elijah Burke numerous times in WWE, most notably during their time in OVW together, and on the ECW brand.

The pair never got on, with Punk labelling Burke a “diva”, and calling “the absolute worst”.

Their matches were relatively good, and didn’t show anything out of the ordinary when they faced each other.

However, behind the scenes, tensions were brewing, and their relationship had broken down.

During an interview with Beneath The Mat, CM Punk was asked who his worst opponent in wrestling was.

Known to be very outspoken, he quickly named Elijah Burke (who had a run in TNA as “The Pope”) as his worst opponent.

Punk then added that Elijah Burke was “the worst”, before apologizing to anyone who was a fan of him in ECW.

“Good question. I always get, ‘Who’s your favorite opponent?’ So, this is great because I enjoy talking trash.”

“Does anybody even remember Elijah Burke? Yeah? Ahh, he’s terrible. He’s absolutely the worst. Absolutely the worst. Talk about a diva. Man, oh, man. Sorry if you like him.”

This interview with CM Punk took place in 2012, and he has had many matches since then.

Based on his recent comments in AEW, stars like Adam Page or Jon Moxley could be added to his list of worst opponents, although for the time being Elijah Burke still remains king.

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