Nick Aldis Denies He Has Retired From Wrestling: “I’m Only 36-Years-Old”

Hamish Woodward

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After one of the NWA World Champions of all time in Tyrus was forced to retire this week, speculation has shifted toward the career of another former titleholder.

Nick Aldis, who lost the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship to Cody Rhodes at All In (2018) has had people claim that he has retired from the ring – and is here to set the record straight.

It was reported that the English star had signed a deal to become a producer for the WWE, and has worked backstage for the company numerous times over the past few weeks.

Having worked in numerous roles, including as a wrestler and “Oblivion” on Sky One’s “Gladiators”, he is trying out a new job within the WWE to continue his career as long as possible.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Niko Knows Best” podcast, Nick Aldis responded to speculation that he has retired from wrestling after signing for the WWE.

He admitted that his new job does cause speculation of his career being over, but reiterated that he is only 36-years-old, and “very much in my prime”.

“You know, a different role, immediately it sort of jumps to [the] conversation, ‘Oh, he’s not wrestling anymore. He’s retiring. That’s it. Is he done wrestling?’ I’m going like, ‘What? Hold on, I’m 36 years old guys.’ You know, I’m very much in my prime. I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, where does all this discussion about me being done [with] wrestling come from?’ Everyone just needs to chill.”

While Aldis has been working backstage at WWE in recent weeks, he has yet to confirm if he has signed a full-time deal with the company.

Nick Aldis has also claimed that he would love to sign with NXT to have a match with Bron Breakker.

He worked extensively with Scott Steiner over the years, so would jump at the chance at battling his nephew in a WWE ring for the first time.

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