Orange Cassidy Reveals Strategy For Beating Bryan Danielson In AEW

Hamish Woodward

While they have yet to face each other in AEW, Orange Cassidy has a sure-fire way of defeating Bryan Danielson when they do eventually wrestle.

The pair are two of the best wrestlers in AEW, and have rarely tasted defeat in singles action. Despite this, neither man has won the AEW World Championship yet.

Orange Cassidy is the current AEW International Champion, however, and has defended the title an incredible 20 times. Meanwhile, Danielson is still awaiting his first taste of gold in the promotion.

Bryan Danielson almost wrestled against Orange Cassidy in the AEW Eliminator Tournament, back in 2021, but was thwarted in the semi-finals.

Cassidy was due to take on Jon Moxley in the match, but due to him being sent to rehab, Moxley was replaced by the returning Miro.

In a fantastic match, Miro defeated Orange Cassidy to book a bout with Bryan Danielson at Full Gear 2021.

Fans are still waiting for that dream match, with Orange Cassidy vs Bryan Danielson having the start power to main event any pay per view the company put on.

And if they do, Freshly Squeezed has the perfect plan to win the bout.

Orange Cassidy vs Bryan Danielson

If Tony Khan does book Orange Cassidy against The American Dragon, the AEW International Champion will be prepared.

Cassidy revealed that he had the perfect plan to take down the former WWE Champion, and welcomes the match with Danielson.

Bill Apter of WrestleBinge asked Orange Cassidy what his strategy was, if he were to take on the former Daniel Bryan.

In typical fashion, he answered succinctly and nonchalantly, claiming he would simply punch Danielson in the mouth to win the match.

“I’d try to punch him in the face and pin his shoulders down to the mat for three seconds,”

He was also asked about Bryan Danielson’s strengths and weaknesses, to which the AEW International Champion simply stated, “I Don’t Know”.

Riveting stuff.

Bryan Danielson will not be looking over should at Orange Cassidy, however.

He looks set to face Nigel McGuinness in a huge rematch at AEW All In 2, battling his long-time rival for the first time in nearly two decades, when AEW come to Wembley Stadium for the first time.

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