Ranking Every All In Main Event in History (AEW)

Hamish Woodward

AEW All In London was the biggest wrestling show of all time, cramming 80,000 fans into Wembley Stadium.

This quadrupled AEW’s previous highest attendance for their debut in the UK, bringing mainstream attention from the British press (including the BBC).

Big stars like Chris Jericho, Will Ospreay, CM Punk and Saraya all wrestled on the show, putting on one of the greatest AEW shows of all time.

All In London came five years after the first All In show, where Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks took on a bet to sell out 10,000 seats on their own – and they did.

There have so far only been two All In events, with both having very good, but very different main event matches.

In this article, we’ll rank every All In main event, using our own ratings as well as the ratings from Cagematch and Dave Meltzer.

2. Kota Ibushi & The Young Bucks vs Rey Mysterio, Bandido & Rey Fenix (All In 2018)

The main event of the first All In was an incredibly star-studded affair, but suffered due to a lack of time in the last match on the show.

The Young Bucks teamed with Kota Ibushi in a six-man tag team match, taking on three of the finest Lucha stars in the world.

The legendary Rey Mysterio teamed with Rey Fenix and Bandido in the main event, in an incredibly fast-paced match that showcased all their incredible talent.

Rey Mysterio was the only man in the match not to sign with AEW – he joined the WWE the following year.

Sadly, due to Kazuchika Okada’s match with Marty Scurll going too long, this match had barely ten-minutes to get all six men in the ring.

This left a lot to be desired for this match, with it feeling very rushed and missing out on some moments that really needed time to breath.

Despite this, it was still a great match to watch, but comes in second in the best All In main event matches.

  • Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 4.5 Stars
  • Cagematch Rating – 8.08
  • Atletifo Rating – 3 Stars

1. MJF vs Adam Cole (AEW All In 2023)

At AEW’s biggest ever show (and one of the biggest in wrestling history), MJF and Adam Cole put on an all-time great main event match at All In 2023.

Putting both the AEW Championship and their friendship on the line, MJF battled with Adam Cole, who he had won the ROH Tag Team titles with earlier in the night.

This main event match exceeded all expectations, with an incredible crowd that could not have been more behind MJF in his quest to keep his title, and his friend.

The pair began as enemies – wrestling to a time-limit draw on Dynamite – but soon grew to love each other as best friends.

This brought out a new side of both men, putting on some hilarious comedy skits that endeared the pair to the crowd.

However, that all went out the window for their championship match at All In. They wrestled a serious match, although toyed with the emotions of the crowd as they threatened to turn on each other throughout.

The pair originally drew the match with a double pin – however, MJF allowed the match, showing his growth as a person. He won the match with a roll-up, and the pair embraced as friends to end the show.

  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating –
  • Cagematch Rating – 8.73
  • Atletifo Rating – 5 Stars

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