Ranking Ricky Starks Finishers From Worst To Best

Ricky Starks has become a big star in AEW over the past few months, picking up huge wins over some big AEW stars.

He became the third (and final) person to beat CM Punk in singles matches in AEW, putting him alongside top stars in Jon Moxley and MJF in that regard.

Starks couldn’t win these huge matches without some of the best finishers in AEW today.

In this article, we’ll look at the finisher moves that Ricky Starks uses to win his matches, ranking them from the worst ones to the best ones.

Roshambo/ Roshambeaux

The main finisher Ricky Starks uses is a sit-out Dominator, which he calls the Roshambo or Roshambeaux.

The move sees Starks life his opponent onto his shoulders (like the setup for a Razor’s Edge, or Will Ospreay’s Stormbreaker), before flipping them onto their front as he slams them into the matt.

While it can look a little bit difficult to set up, the one he hit on Jay Lethal on AEW Rampage was a thing of beauty.

While it is generally referred to as the Roshambo, Ricky Starks confirmed on Twitter in 2020 that he spells his finisher’s name as “Roshambeaux”.

The name comes from Rock Paper Scissors. The game was originally called Roshambeau, named after the Comte de Rochambeau.

The alternate spelling doesn’t change the pronunciation of the word, not the effectiveness od the move as Ricky Starks finisher.

However, it does look a little clunky to set up, so for me it falls just behind the Spear as Ricky Starks best finisher move in AEW.


While the spear has been overused since Goldberg invented it in the 1990s, Ricky Starks truly has one of the best spears in wrestling today.

Despite his small stature, the power and speed he used to ran into his opponents creates a huge force that is brilliant to watch.

He has used the move more as a finisher in recent years, especially with larger opponents usually being unable to take the Roshambo correctly.

He also claps just before impact, adding some nice theatrics to a move that seemed like it had been done to death.

When looking at other wrestlers who use the spear (Edge, Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley), it would be hard to argue that Ricky Starks’ best finisher isn’t the spear, which he has already mastered.

What is your favorite finisher of Ricky Starks? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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