Ranking The Best Stadium Stampede Matches In AEW History

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With the recent inclusion of the match into AEW Fight Forever, we look at every Stadium Stampede match in AEW history.

These bouts took place at Double or Nothing 2020 and 2021, respectively, and saw two factions battle it out inside the Jacksonville Jaguar’s stadium.

The Stadium Stampede match was pretaped the night before, and took place in the stadium due to the lack of crowds, due to the pandemic.

In this article, we’ll rank the best Stadium Stampede matches in AEW history, looking at the quality of the match, the wrestlers involved, as well as the star ratings from Dave Meltzer, Cagematch and Atletifo.

3. The Inner Circle vs The Pinnacle (Double or Nothing 2021)

In the weakest of the two Stadium Stampede matches, The Inner Circle beat MJF’s Pinnacle in a fun bout that main evented Double or Nothing.

The match saw the two teams brawl all over the Jacksonville Jaguar’s stadium, with some fun spots, ending the long-winded rivalry between MJF and Chris Jericho finally.

While the match was similar to the first iteration, it had much fewer memorable spots. It did bring the action back into the ring at the end, as well as feature a cameo from Konnan during the match.

Chris Jericho’s brawl throughout the arena with MJF was the main thread of the match, but it was Sammy Guevara who pinned Shawn Spears with a 630 Senton to win the match for the Inner Circle.

2. Blackpool Combat Club and Santano & Ortiz vs Best Friends, Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero M

Building on the long-time build between the Best Friends and Blackpool Combat Club (while also adding the Lucha Bros and Eddie Kingston into the mix), Wembley Stadium was treated to the third ever Stadium Stampede match.

Vias issues to Rey Fenix caused his absence from the match, but the returning Santana and Ortiz came to add star power to the Blackpool Combat Club’s side.

Appearances from Penta’s alter-ego, as well as Sue making a grand entrance, driving her minivan with a tray of cookies for her son and his friends, the match had a little something for everything.

It was also violent as hell, with blood, tacks and glass all involved. The finish came when Orange Cassidy dipped his first in glue and glass, hitting Moxley with the Orange Punch for the victory.

  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating –
  • Cagematch Rating –
  • Atletifo Rating – 4.5 Stars

1. The Elite & Matt Hardy vs The Inner Circle (AEW Double or Nothing 2020)

The first Stadium Stampede was a classic match that was a shining light in a difficult time in wrestling.

Chris Jericho’s The Inner Circle took on The Elite & Matt Hardy in a Stadium Stampede match, which took place entirely in the Jacksonville Jaguar Stadium.

This match main evented Double or Nothing 2020 over Jon Moxley vs Brodie Lee. That left it with pretty big boots to fill, and it did so in spades.

Matt Hardy was an odd, but perfect addition to The Elite in this match.

The match was fun. It was ridiculous, it was hilarious, it was simply fun. You had Matt Hardy being reincarnated in former gimmicks as he’s dumped in a swimming pool.

You had Chris Jericho pretending to be a witch with a cone on his head. It even had Matt Jackson suplexing someone the entire length of the pitch. It was simply fun.

The match also ended with a ridiculous One Winged Angel off the stand through a table, slamming Sammy Guevara 30 feet in the air.

It’s long, but it is incredible. It is much better than the second Stadium Stampede, between the Inner Circle and the Pinnacle.

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