Why Dave Meltzer Didn’t Rate Stadium Stampede Matches

Hamish Woodward

Dave Meltzer’s star ratings are a metric held in high esteem by some fans and wrestlers, but you may be shocked to know he never rated AEW’s Stadium Stampede matches.

These bouts took place at Double or Nothing 2020 and 2021, respectively, and saw two factions battle it out inside the Jacksonville Jaguar’s stadium.

The Stadium Stampede match was pretaped the night before, and took place in the stadium due to the lack of crowds, due to the pandemic.

The first Stadium Stampede was between The Inner Circle and The Elite.

Speaking on Twitter, Meltzer revealed why he neglected to give a star rating to the two Stadium Stampede matches in AEW.

The Wrestling Observer journalist was asked why he didn’t rate the matches, asking if there was a reason, or if it was simply an oversight.

Denying he just forgot to do it, Meltzer responded by claiming that he doesn’t rate cinematic-style matches, because they are heavily edited and not the same as an in-ring match.

He said that it was unfair on those who wrestle live, as their missed spots or botches are not edited out in post.

It’s not fair to rate matches that are heavily edited. It’s unfair to the people who have to do matches where the slow spots or flaws don’t get edited and don’t have the benefit of retakes.

He also compared the famous Edge vs Randy Orton’s “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” to the Stadium Stampede, noting the pre-taped nature of that match as well.

That bout was famous for being promoted as the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”, weeks before it even taking place.

The bout also resulted in Edge suffering an injury that kept him out for nearly a year, returning at the 2021 Royal Rumble.

Nobody argues it’s not a match. It’s like the boneyard match or Stadium Stampede. I don’t see the argument that it is different from either.

Many people have considered these cinematic matches, like the Stadium Stampede, as a five-star match. Clearly Meltzer disagrees, but you are free to hold that opinion if you wish!

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