Results for FTR vs Aussie Open at AEW WrestleDream 2023

Hamish Woodward

Following two of the all-time great matches was never going to be easy. After the Danielson vs Sabre Jr, and the six-man tag team match involving the Don Callis Family, the crowd were always bound to be tired for the following bout.

Sadly, FTR’s title defense against Aussie Open was that match, and you could tell. The crowd struggled to get into the match, their voices gone after nearly an hour of watching the absolute peak of pro-wrestling. This match could have been the best match ever, it still would have struggled to get the crowd on their feet again.

The match was a good tag team match. Aussie Open beat down on FTR until they got the hot tag, which started the back-and-forth portion of the match. However, they simply did not do enough to impress after the two matches before. In a vacuum, this would be seen as one of the best tag matches of the year – in rewatches, I’m sure it will earn it’s accolade.

Sadly, FTR were placed in a position where they were doomed to fail, regardless of how good their match was. I can appreciate all the great things they did – especially the “Super Shatter Machine” to win the match – so we can give this match a three out of five star match rating.

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