Richard Holliday Returns To Wrestling As Cancer Enters Remission

Hamish Woodward

MLW’s Richard Holliday has shared the fantastic news that he is in remission from cancer, and is back accepting bookings for wrestling matches.

Holliday (real name Joe Zimbardi) revealed in December 2022 that he was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and underwent treatment in his local hospital immediately.

He posted a video of himself ringing the bell in the hospital in February 2023, signalling the completion of his cancer treatment. You can watch that video below.

He had been quiet for a few months, as he waited for the results of his treatment. Luckily it was good news, and everything seems to be going well!

Holliday revealed on May 1st,2023 that he was in remission, and looks to be beating his stage 4 cancer after some months of treatment.

This was followed up by a Tweet on May 2nd, where Richard Holliday revealed he was returning to wrestling and accepting bookings for June, later this year.

This has been a long time coming . I am now accepting bookings for June & on! or DM to inquire.

Richard Holliday made a surprise appearance for Beyond Wrestling on Sunday, coming out during the main event to a huge pop.

He made the save when Stetson Ranch went to attack the Miracle Ones after the bell, before announcing that his stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphomais in remission

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