Saraya Invites Spice Girl To Wembley Stadium Show In August

Hamish Woodward

One of the most unlikely crossovers in pop culture could occur at AEW All In 2, mixing pro-wrestling with The Spice Girls!

With AEW bringing their biggest show ever to Wembley Stadium net year, fans have been wondering which big names could be appearing at the show.

In previous years, sports stars like Wayne Rooney and Tyson Fury have got involved in matches in the WWE, although AEW look to be looking toward the music world for their guest stars.

Despite breaking up over two decades ago, The Spice Girls remain a cultural institution in the United Kingdom, bringing “girl power” to millions all across the country.

One of the young girls inspired by their message was a young Saraya, who used that inspiration to catapult herself into a career of pro-wrestling.

She made a name for herself as Paige in the WWE, before moving to AEW in 2022 and resuming her career under her real name (Saraya).

However, she told a heartbreaking story on Twitter about her mother failing to get Emma Bunton’s (Baby Spice) autograph, after an appearance on TV Show “The Big Breakfast”.

In the Tweet, Saraya said;

“Emma Bunton was on this show called “The Big Breakfast” in the UK yearssss ago & my mum @RealsarayaK asked her for a autograph for baby me & she said no but signed for everyone else.”

“People will ALWAYS remember the way you made them feel. I won’t ever make someone feel the way I felt when mum told me she said no.”

“She may of been having a rough day and I understand now as an adult and have a tiny speck of limelight compared to her. But, also my dad would kick my ass if I didn’t respect the fans haha (Except airport scammers, you guys can go fuck yourself)”

The story was meant to instil the point in her followers that you could always try your best, and be aware of how your actions may affect others.

It also revealed how big of a Spice Girls fan she was, and showed how it broke her heart to not get an autograph from a member of one of the biggest groups in music history.

Shockingly, Emma Bunton actually replied to the Tweet, despite not being directly referenced in the reply.

Emma Bunton appeared on The Big Breakfast, meeting Saraya’s mother

She seemed mortified by her supposed actions from all those years ago, apologising for her part in the story and claiming that “this breaks my heart”.

This breaks my heart, I would never intentionally want to upset someone. I don’t know what happened this day but I have always signed and taken time out to meet people. I’m so very sorry this was your memory.

Saraya responded, inviting Emma Bunton to AEW All In 2, taking place at Wembley Stadium in August.

She asked the former Spice Girl to come to the show, so she could finally get a picture with Bunton backstage.

Emma Bunton has yet to reply, but we could be seeing Baby Spice getting involved with Saraya’s rumoured match with Jamie Hayter, if all goes to plan for the pair.

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