Rosa Mendes Only Won ONE Match In 11 Year WWE Career

The name Rosa Mendes may be one you sort of remember.

She was a WWE Diva during one of the worst times for women’s wrestling in the WWE, and she was really the bottom of the barrel when it came to talent.

Rosa Mendes was never the best in the ring. In fact, I think it’s fair to call her the worst one in the entire company during her time there.

WWE, for some strange reason, kept Rosa Mendes employed for over a decade, with some claiming it was due to a relationship with Michael P.S Hayes, although that has never been confirmed.

The most shocking statistic about Rosa Mendes is how, in these 11 long years, she only won one singles match in her entire career.

This is a bemusing statistic that is hard to believe, but it is true. In fact, even in tag team matches, she had never hit her finishing move.

Did she even have one? Did WWE bother giving Rosa Mendes a finishing move at that point? Even James Ellsworth had the No-Chin Music, and he was a complete jobber.

Rosa Mendes Won 1 WWE Match

Rosa Mendes joined the WWE in 2006, as part of the Diva Search Contest, but it took her until 2011 to pick up her first ever win in singles matches in the WWE.

The match took place on Smackdown, and saw Layla vs Rosa Mendes take place, with Michelle McCool on commentary.

If you were hoping to see Rosa Mendes win in a technical classic, you would be disappointed.

The match was short, with little action and whatever action did take place was pooly executed. Even in her only win, Rosa Mendes did not get to use her finisher, given that she won the match by DQ after being attacked by Michelle McCool.

Rosa Mendes would not win any other singles matches in her career, before being released by the WWE in 2017.

Rosa Mendes WWE Return

Click below to see the long-awaited WWE return for Rosa Mendes on Youtube (warning – not real).

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