Skye Blue’s “Code Blue” Finisher Is One Of The Best In AEW

Skye Blue has been one of the hottest babyfaces in the AEW Women’s division in recent months, but it’s her incredible finisher that has caught the eyes of the wrestling world.

The Chicago native teamed with Willow Nightingale on the first episode of AEW Collision. They won the match against The Outcasts, when Skye Blue pinned Ruby Soho with her Code Blue finisher.

It was a fantastic performance in her hometown, Skye Blue picked up one of the biggest wins of her career, against a team that included AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm.

She could be due a title match in the near future, after this big win. However, fans are excited about Sky Blue’s finishing move, which is one of the most innovative finishers seen in AEW in years.

Skye Blue’s Finishing Move

Sky Blue’s finisher move in AEW is the Code Blue.

This move in a variation of the sunset flip power bomb. The most popular version of this was innovated by The Amazing Red, who christened his version of the move as the “Code Red”.

This move sees the wrestler bend over and place their opponent in a standing head scissors.

However, the wrestler moves forward slightly, so the opponent’s midsection is between the wrestler’s thighs instead of their head. The wrestler wraps their arms around the opponent’s midsection in a waistlock, then jumps and rolls forward, under the opponent’s legs, and into a seated position, forcing the opponent to fall back to the mat.

This often leads to a sit-out pin fall, making it a perfect finisher to use in a wrestling match.

Skye Blue’s Code Blue differs, because she begins the running in from the side. Her finisher sees her jumping onto the back of her opponent, facing away from them as they stand prone in the ring.

She then performs the move in one swift motion, making it an incredibly satisfying move to watch.

You can see Skye Blue performing her finish, Code Blue, on AEW Collision against Ruby Soho.

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