Is Eddie Kingston dating Ruby Soho?

Eddie Kingston and Ruby Soho have been the latest potential couple to be talked about in AEW. The duo are two of the most unique and original characters in the company and are on the way to becoming some of the most popular wrestlers worldwide.

Their relationship status has been up in the air in recent years, with the pair being rumoured to be together. In this article, we will discover if Eddie Kingston is dating Ruby Soho and if the pair are together are being featured alongside each other on AEW Dynamite.

Is Eddie Kingston dating Ruby Soho?

No, Eddie Kingston is not dating Ruby Soho. The AEW star is currently in a relationship with somebody else, although he is keeping that information secret from the general public. He has not mentioned having a partner on AEW Dynamite before, but online research confirms that he has, or at least had, a partner up until very recently.

He has been rumoured to be dating AEW star Ruby Soho until recently. The pair seemed very close in recent years and have been featured alongside each other in recent years. The pair were seen on screen on the 11/10 episode of Dynamite, when Soho had to hold back Kingston as he tried to fight CM Punk backstage.

This led to the legendary Eddie Kingston vs CM Punk feud, which while short was one of the most memorable feuds in AEW in the recent years. However, Ruby Soho claimed it was not the first time that she has held back Eddie Kingston from fighting, when she appeared on the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast on FITE. She said that she and Eddie have been friends for years, which revealed that Eddie Kingston and Ruby Soho are not dating.

I mean he — I’ve known Eddie [Kingston] for a number of years. He’s been a good friend of mine for a long time and I will go ahead and be perfectly honest with you and say that-that is not the first time I have had to hold him back from punching somebody in the face and it probably won’t be the last. But, yeah, it was almost instant I think [holding Eddie back in the AEW TV segments]. You know, when Eddie gets to a certain point where he’s boiling over, it’s probably best to keep him in arm’s reach of people so anyways, I think it’s just instinct. He is super strong and when he’s angry, it’s kind of — instinct I think is the best way to put it. He’s just… oh Eddie. There’s nobody like him.

So, while Eddie Kingston is not dating Ruby Soho, the two have been friends for many years and remain close as they both wrestle together in AEW.

Their friendship was recently referenced further on AEW Rampage on 9/7/22. In a promo to Chris Jericho after “The Wizard” attacked Ruby Soho last week, Kingston referred to her as “my Ruby” and promised to make Chris Jericho bleed in their next encounter.

While Ruby Soho and Eddie Kingston are not a couple, the two clearly show great reverence for each other. They are great friends and, despite not dating, are great friends who care deeply about one another.

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