Is Eddie Kingston Gay? (Married, Relationship with Ruby Soho?)

Despite being shown talking with reverence about friend Ruby Soho on AEW Dynamite, is Eddie Kingston Gay?

Is Eddie Kingston Gay?

Eddie Kingston is not gay.

The AEW star does not have any children, as stated in a promo with Jon Moxley in AEW, but is still straight as far as has been reported.

Kingston has also mentioned a previous girlfriend over the years and has given no indication that he is gay or bisexual – although neither have been confirmed to be true or false by the wrestler.

The Mad King opened up his life to the readers of The Players Tribunal, penning a deep insight into his life just before his battle with CM Punk at AEW Full Gear 2021.

In the heartfelt article, he spoke deeply about his mental health struggles, his battle to get to where he is in wrestling, his troubles with the law and his relationship status at the time.

He spoke about when he first got signed to AEW when he was vacationing with his then-girlfriend.

He realised just what scoring the AEW contract meant to him, and it hit him out of nowhere in a way that he had to share with his partner and then the Players Tribunal readers.

Eddie Kingston wrote on The Players’ Tribune;

“ I said, ‘You know I’m signed right? I’m on national television. My nephew can watch his uncle on TV. Like, I’m really signed. I mean, 20 fucking years in this. I was about to lose my house. I was about to….’”

“It was the first time in my life that I felt this way. I’m inspired by my girlfriend. Astonishingly odd. For me, it’s a whole new experience. I take a moment to admire her. I’ll leave it at that. I can’t stop staring at her. And I ask, ‘Why?’ You could do so much better.”

So, Eddie Kingston is not day and had a girlfriend at the time of writing.

Many have asked whether or not Eddie Kingston and Ruby Soho are dating. You can click this link to learn whether or not the two AEW stars are currently dating and confirms that Eddie Kingston is not gay.

Is Eddie Kingston Married?

Eddie Kingston is not currently married. He has spoken about a girlfriend in The Players Tribunal, but as of the time of writing Eddie Kingston has not got married to anyone.

He is currently one of the most popular stars in all of AEW. Whenever Kingston is in the ring, no matter who he stands across from, chants of “Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!” ring around the arena.

He has come from nowhere and almost having to retire during the pandemic (he had to sell his wrestling gear to pay rent) to being a top star in the second biggest company in the United States.

The Mad King‘s triumph over adversity has become one of the feel good stories in wrestling. His tale looks to be moving on to a Eddie Kingston vs Jon Moxley rematch, harkening back to one of the biggest feuds of the pandemic era of wrestling.

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