Orange Cassidy’s Best Moments in AEW so far

Orange Cassidy‘s best moments are the focus on this article, and we will look at some of the most exciting, funny and entertaining moments from the career of Freshly Squeezed in AEW.

If we missed out any of your favourite Orange Cassidy moments then let us know in the comments and tell us the best moments from the career of Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy Best Moments

AEW Debut

Most fans in the building at Double or Nothing 2019 had no idea who they were watching when the skinny man in jeans and sunglasses rolled into the ring during the Casino Battle Royale. He had entered the match later than the rest of his group, and many were confused if it was a mistake or who he even was.

They soon learned exactly who he was and immediately fell in love with Orange Cassidy. In one of the most important and best moments of his career, he did something so simple and easy many wrestlers will be cursing him that they never thought of it.

He simply kicked Tommy Dreamer very, very lightly in the shins. Over and over. The crowd feigned excitement, yelling out almost in pain at every kick. The ones that weren’t yelling were laughing. It was hilarious. He then put his hands in his pockets and moved around better than most wrestlers with their hands.

Kicks, flips and bumps were plentiful as Cassidy flew around the ring. It was unique, something brand new the fans had never seen before. He became a star overnight and even thought he wouldn’t wrestle a singles match in AEW for another 9 months, fans were already on board the Freshly Squeezed train.

With how effective such a simple set of moves were, it was certainly a top Orange Cassidy moment in AEW.

vs PAC at AEW Revolution 2020

The first singles match in his AEW career was one of Orange Cassidy’s best moments. In a time where AEW had been incredibly patient with Cassidy, not overexposing him and ruining his mystique by letting him wrestling every week.

They finally had his first match happen in the biggest stage possible – live on pay per view. He faced PAC at Revolution 2020, which was a match with only two weeks of build and one of the least hyped matches for the show, which included a Jon Moxley vs Chris Jericho world championship match.

There was no expectation of Cassidy and he excelled those a thousand fold. His in-ring work was crisp, exciting and had you believe that he was going to beat PAC. He mixed exciting offense with hilarious comedy wrestling (like rolling away lazily when PAC tried to hit his “Black Arrow”) and utilised his “hands in pockets” style of wrestling in the best way possible.

It was on of the best Orange Cassidy moments ever because it was his “coming out” in AEW as a great wrestler, which had been hidden from the public. Since then he has had a number of incredible matches (which you can read about here) but this was the first one that had the fans sit up and think “we’re watching history here?)

Debate with Chris Jericho

The feud with Chris Jericho in 2020 brought Orange Cassidy into the main event and helped him to become the most popular wrestler of 2020.

The multi-month, multi-pay per view feud with Le Champion was thought to be too long by some, but still made Cassidy a huge star in the eyes of AEW fans. His final victory in the “Mimosa Mayhem” match, where he threw Jericho into a vat of Orange Juice, made him join a very rare club of people to beat Jericho in AEW (at the time).

They had a number of interesting segments during their rivalry. Some hit and some didn’t, but one that did was the incredible debate between Jericho and Cassidy, hosted by former head of WCW Eric Bischoff.

Orange Cassidy, in one of his best moments, stayed silent while Jericho dominated the debate, mocking him for not talking and being stupid. Then, when the segment seemed like a bust, OC launched into a intelligent speech about climate change and rising water levels, shocking Jericho and popping the fans hugely.

AEW Championship Triple Threat

One of the best Triple Threat matches in history (in my book at least) is the incredible AEW Championship match at Double or Nothing 2021. Kenny Omega was one the run of his life, putting on only bangers as he tried to keep his championship out of the clutches of his opponents by any means necessary.

He was met in the ring by two men. PAC, the Georgie Bastard who had claim to being the best high flyer in the world and a man who had beaten Omega in AEW just two years prior. The other side of the aisle was Orange Cassidy, the carefree slacker who, despite his apathy, dreamed of taking home the AEW Championship in his backpack.

Orange Cassidy came so close to becoming the AEW Champion

The match was not the main event of the show, due to the second Stadium Stampede Match. However, it was certainly the match of the night and one of the matches of the year in AEW. All three men were on top form, with Cassidy’s character meshing incredibly well with his two opponents.

His selling was top notch, and he would pop up to hit one of his signature moves and nearly sneak the win multiple times. He also had the visual win over Omega multiple times, but ref bumps and interference from Don Callis stopped Orange Cassidy in his best moment from winning the AEW Championship.

He lost to Omega by roll-up in the end, but this was nothing short of Cassidy’s best AEW match. It is also one of Orange Cassidy’s best moments in his career, and he came so close to the gold and proved to the fans that he can work as well as the main event talents and could one day hold the world title in the company.

New Theme Music

Twice in AEW Orange Cassidy has been treated to new entrance music. He started out in AEW with a generic rock track as his music, which was unmemorable and did not take the world by storm. He would also come out to the Best Friends’ theme song when battling in tag team matches, but a new song was needed for Freshly Squeezed.

After being voted the most popular wrestling in 2020, the AEW star was given a new, fully licensed song to walk out to the ring with. In March 2021, he walked out to the ring for the first time on AEW Dark with “Where is my mind?” by The Pixies. The song was an immediate hit and fitted in with his character straight away.

He would use that music for over a year, but soon it would be time to move on from the incredible tune. Cassidy instead was given the song he used on the independent scene, the incredible “Jane” by Jefferson Starship. This song already had great affiliation and was a fan favourite. However, for years Tony Khan had tried to license the hit but to no response from the record company.

Orange Cassidy’s entrance music was meant to change over at Forbidden Door. However the deal could not be completed in time and it would be the Dynamite after the event he would first enter to his new entrance music.

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