Does Orange Cassidy have a Girlfriend?

Hamish Woodward

does orange cassidy have a girlfriend

Does Orange Cassidy have a girlfriend? The AEW star has risen quickly to become one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, defying expectations and battle assumptions in his dream to become AEW Champion.

He has yet to taste gold in All Elite Wrestling, but his run so far in the company has been nothing short of legendary. He has become the highest shirt seller in the company in 2020, battled Kenny Omega and PAC for the World Championship, had incredible matches with Cody Rhodes, Brodie Lee, Chris Jericho, Will Ospreay and many, many more and showed that character work is as important as in-ring work rate in contemporary wrestling.

In this article we will look at the relationships in Orange Cassidy’s life. Does Orange Cassidy have a girlfriend? Is he single? And is Orange Cassidy dating Kris Statlander?

Does Orange Cassidy have a girlfriend?

At the moment, Orange Cassidy does not have a girlfriend. At least, that is what has been reported. Cassidy has not mentioned being in a relationship at all during his time in AEW. Whether on podcasts (like AEW Unrestricted), backstage interviews or segments on Youtube shows like Being the Elite or Sammy’s Vlog, there has been no mention of a girlfriend in Orange Cassidy’s life.

However, he has famously been one of the more private members of the AEW roster. Very little is known about Orange Cassidy’s life outside the ring. If he did have a girlfriend it is expected that he would keep her out of the limelight (assuming she was not an AEW wrestler already), and keep his relationship private like most of his private life.

Is Orange Cassidy Single?

Orange Cassidy is single, based on all known evidence. If Cassidy gets into a relationship and stops being single then we will update this post as soon as that information becomes public.

Is Orange Cassidy dating Kris Statlander?

Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander are not currently dating. The pair had fantastic chemistry both in the ring (which they showed on the independent scene prior to joining AEW) and in multiple backstage segments in Being the Elite. The seemed very close on the show, leading fans to speculate whether or not Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander are dating.

While they pair were very close backstage in AEW, they have not been dating in their lives. Kris Statlander spoke to AEW Unrestricted about her relationship with Orange Cassidy, claiming that their characters were similar and they had great chemistry but did not mention anywhere that the pair had been dating during their wrestling careers.

“I feel like the whole, me and Orange Cassidy type of thing has been, we’ve talked about doing this since before both of us were signed with AEW where we had done a mix tag team match together.  We had wrestled each other twice actually.” 

Our characters are so similar, and compliment each other so well, that it had to come to fruition at some point.  When I first got signed, we were doing a whole lot of skits on BTE.  We were told it would never happen on TV.  This is going to stay on BTE because of personal reasons.  Not our reasons, but, it was just something that wasn’t wanted for TV.”

As it stands, Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander are not dating.

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