Sonny Kiss Regrets Butt Shaking Move On AEW Debut

Hamish Woodward

Former AEW Star Sonny Kiss has recently opened up about her exit from the company, speaking about the regret she felt about her debut in the company.

Kiss was a key part of the early years of AEW, wrestling mainly in midcard matches and in tag team bouts alongside tag team partner Joey Janela.

She fell down the pecking order once new signings began to populate the roster, and was absent from TV entirely up until her release in September 2023.

Since then, Sonny Kiss has done a number of interviews discussing her time with AEW.

The latest was on Busted Open Radio, where Sonny Kiss revealed that she regretted her first move in AEW being the “Butt Shaking” move in the 2019 Casino Battle Royal.

She also revealed that she was meant to have more spots in the match with Brian Cage, but the then-Impact World Champion was pulled from the show at the last minute.

Speaking with Busted Open Radio, Sonny kiss said;

“If I knew that that was gonna be the response, I probably wouldn’t have done that as my first introduction to AEW.

Because that was the first spot I did, that was with 10,000 people and everybody watching at home saw. So I probably wouldn’t have made that my first spot that the world has seen of Sonny Kiss.

That’s the one thing I’ll take back from that. I would still do it, and I think I was supposed to have more offense with Brian Cage, but I think somehow things are going all over the place, and your stuff gets cut. It happens. I wouldn’t have had that as my first spot.”

“When you’re a person like me, you can’t do certain things like that because then the world just sees you as that. Even to this day, people say, ‘Oh, you’re just a gimmick.’ No.

You have not been watching my progression if you think that I’m just a gimmick. I am so much more than that. I’m very athletic, I’m very talented, I’m very unique. I have so much more to offer than just having a great ass. That was up to me too, that was on me. I needed to show that more.

I needed to show that I was more of a spicy, aggressive wrestler. Like I said, that was my introduction so that’s was what the podcasters and other people wanted to talk about because that’s what I showed them.”

Sonny Kiss AEW Debut

Sonny Kiss debuted in AEW during the company’s first ever show.

She entered in the men’s Casino Battle Royal match at AEW Double or Nothing 2019, entering alongside the spades.

Sonny Kiss entered alongside stars like Luchasaurus and Tommy Dream, but did not last long best she was thrown out the match.

You can watch the full Casino Battle Royal from AEW Double or Nothing 2019 down below.

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