Tay Melo On Wrestling In Japan – “I’m waiting for the opportunity”

AEW star Tay Melo has spoken about her dream of wrestling in Japan, revealing how it has been a “Dream” of hers for a long time.

The Brazilian star signed for AEW in 2020 after a failed spell in the WWE and immediately impressed the AEW crowds. She improved weekly in front of their very eyes and became one of the most popular women on the roster. She even won the Wrestling Observer’s Most Improved Wrestler award in 2021.

She has blended her Judo background with her professional wrestling style, crafting a unique and entertaining style of wrestling that seemed to have connected with fans. Tay Melo has challenged for both the AEW Women’s and TBS Championships on PPV, sadly failing to win either match.

Sadly, she turned heel in 2022 alongside her husband Sammy Guevara, ruining all the momentum and goodwill built up with the fans. She is now aligned with the Jericho Appreciation Society and rarely wrestles, a sad sight considering how close she was to the main event just over a year ago.

Tay Melo recently revealed that as well as wrestling in the US, a trip to Japan is her dream in wrestling. In recent interview with Dark Puroresu Flowsion, the Brazilian AEW star declared her love for the “Japanese Style” of wrestling, and how she learned a lot from some of the top Japanese women in wrestling like Meiko Satomura and Kairi Sane.

Honestly, I want to wrestle them all. I love Japanese style. It’s part of my roots because of judo. I always loved the culture, the language, the respect they have for each other, and the hard work. It’s no surprise that I want to wrestle Giulia more than anyone else. I can’t wait to share a ring with her one day.

Going to Japan has been a dream for a long time, even before wrestling. I know that I’ll learn a lot and it can change my career for the better. I remember training with Meiko Satomura for a little bit in NXT. I asked her to help me with my kicks and the way she teaches, the way she moves is everything, I just loved it. I had the pleasure to work with Kairi [Sane], Io Shirai, and [Hikaru] Shida, and man I always learned a lot from them and had so much fun. It’s truly the style I love and feel comfortable [with]. I’m super open to going to Japan, I really want to go. I’m waiting for the opportunity.

Tay Melo was previously known as Tay Conti in AEW, but changed her name in 2022 after marrying current husband Sammy Guevara.

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