Revealing Why Tay Conti Changed Her Last Name

AEW star Tay Conti has recently changed her in-ring name, which has left some fans confused. The Brazilian star has been one of the top stars in the women’s division over the past year, challenging for championships at both Full Gear 2021 and Revolution 2022.

Due to her building up her brand under the name Tay Conti many people were shocked she would chose to change her name. However, she had a very good reason to do so and so far it has not affected her career at all (although the circumstances behind the name change have affected her run in AEW, especially in the eyes of the fans).

Why Did Tay Conti Change Her Name?

Why did Tay Conti Change Her Name

Tay Conti changed her name to Tay Melo due to her marriage to Sammy Guevara. She had gone by the surname Conti since 2017, when she wrestled in NXT as Taynara Conti. This was her name at the time as she was married to her ex-husband, who she took the last name from.

However, the pair publicly divorced in 2021 although she continued to use the name until her wedding to Guevara earlier this year. Her and Sammy got together in January 2022, after he left his fiancée Pam. He had publicly proposed to her in the ring before AEW Dynamite but broke up soon after due to undisclosed reasons.

Tay Melo’s name she had since birth was Taynara Melo De Carvalho. She has now changed her name to Tay Melo on TV, although she has changed her legal name to Taynara Melo Guevara after her marriage earlier this year.

Nyla Rose also recently gave her opinion on why Tay Conti changed her name to Tay Melo. The former AEW Women’s Champion is known for being one of the funniest wrestlers on Twitter and took no time to make a joke at the expense of the Brazilian wrestler

Rose replied to a Tweet of Conti’s, where the young star Tweeted “Lol y’all so mad and I’m here looking cute and making money”, a clearly heelish post designed to evoke a reaction. It was exactly what she got from The Native Beast who replied;

Tay changed her name to melo because she got tired of me spelling conti with a “u”

I’ll let you figure out just what she meant about Tay Conti’s name change to Tay Melo.

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