The First ChocoPro UK Show Has Sold Out In One Day

Hamish Woodward

Updated on:

Some huge news from the independent wrestling scene, as Japanese promotion ChocoPro have sold out in less than a day.

The show was only announced this week, with tickets going on sale today.

The show is booked in London on the 26th August 2023, one day before AEW bring All In to Wembley Stadium.

Also kknown as Gatoh Pro, the event sold out an unknown amount of tickets, but the company confirmed on Twitter that the event in London had sold out.

The official ChocPro Tweeted out:

Thank you very much for making our first UK show a sold out within a Day. It’s makes our hopes feel real. Thank you to

@ProWrestlingEVE as well. All that’s left is to give you a show, you’ll wanna experience again & again. Seeya in August London. #ChocoPro

The first ChocoPro UK event will take place on Saturday the 26th August, at the Yard Theatre in London.

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