The Miz Says Dominik Mysterio’s Heat “Motivates Me”

Dominik Mysterio has taken the wrestling world by storm, inspiring veterans like The Miz to keep wrestling.

When he debuted at Summerslam 2020, fans were not sold on the son of Rey Mysterio.

He had little experience and was struggling to find his character. However, when he turned on his father and Edge at Clash at the Castle, Dominik Mysterio became the most hated heel in WWE.

The Miz has been inspired by Dominik Mysterio ever since.

The former WWE Champion appeared on Busted Open Radio to promote his appearance on The Weakest Link, and spoke about his career going forward.

The Miz revealed he still feels like he is in his prime, and is motivated by the incredible success WWE has achieved in 2023 so far.

“Whenever my body tells me I need to start slowing down, but right now I feel like I’m still in my prime. I feel like I’m putting together matches that are main-event caliber.”

“I feel like I’m bringing out new things, things that people haven’t seen before. I feel like the youth movement in WWE, the younger crowd that’s coming in, is revitalizing me and making me want to be faster, be better, do better.

I think the product right now is at its highest. I mean, you look at the crowds, I mean, we’re sold out everywhere. This is the first time where sometimes when you know you ask, ‘Can I get some tickets? ‘They’re like, ‘Sorry, we’re sold out’, and it’s like, ‘Wait, what? Are you kidding me? We’re in Savannah, Georgia. What do you mean we’re sold out?’ It’s like, ‘Yeah, we’re sold out.’ It’s been incredible.”

The Miz then detailed some of the big stars that are excelling in WWE, before gushing about Doninik Mysterio’s heel work in the company.

He revealed that Dominik’s heel work as part of Judgement Day “motivates” the A-Lister, and inspires him to keep working at the highest level in the WWE.

“I think Cody Rhodes has been doing an incredible job. Roman Reigns, his storyline with The Bloodline has been impeccable. Seth Rollins, every time he walks out the fans are singing his praise.

ominik Mysterio, who, maybe two years ago, people were thinking he’s not gonna get it. We’re not sure. Now he is the most over heel in professional wrestling and it is fun to watch.

He’s a person who is a student of the game even though he’s a child from obviously the legendary Rey Mysterio. You look at Dominik and what he’s doing right now, it’s impeccable. He can’t even get a word out. That’s how much heat he has.

So it is fun to watch. It motivates me and no, I’m not slowing down. I mean, hell, right now, I’m promoting WWE at the American Century Championship playing golf all weekend for Peacock. So I’m nonstop. I always prided myself on being a hard worker and dedicated and that’s what I’ll continue to do.”

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