The Miz

How The Miz Was Bullied Out Of The Locker room In The WWE

The Miz went from being bullied out of the locker room when he first started in the WWE to beating ...

Hamish Woodward

The Miz Says Dominik Mysterio’s Heat “Motivates Me”

Dominik Mysterio has taken the wrestling world by storm, inspiring veterans like The Miz to keep wrestling. When he debuted ...

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Why CM Punk Was Backstage At WWE Raw, Explained

CM Punk was spotted backstage at Monday Night Raw last night, leading to renewed speculation that the former AEW Champion ...

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Alex Riley WWE

WWE’s Alex Riley On Being Held Back By John Cena

WWE fans of the 2010s may remember Alex Riley. The former protegee of The Miz seemed to be destined for ...

Hamish Woodward

Alex Riley Says Team With The Miz Was “A Huge Opportunity”

Alex Riley has spoken about his time in the WWE as The Miz’s sidekick, declaring the chance to help him ...

Hamish Woodward

When The Miz Comes On TV, I Turn It Off! Says WWE Legend

One wrestling legend has slammed the work of The Miz in WWE, claiming that he turns the TV off whenever ...

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Shane McMahon lies on the mat after suffering a knee injury against The Miz at WrestleMania 39

Shane McMahon Injures Himself In First Match In Over A Year At WrestleMania

Shane McMahon made his long-awaited return to the WWE during a special in-ring segment featuring The Miz and Snoop Dogg. ...

Hamish Woodward
The Miz WWE Debut

The Miz’s WWE Debut Was A Shocking Start To His Career

Did you know who The Miz wrestled in his first WWE match? Upon his WWE debut few people thought that ...

Hamish Woodward

Roddy Piper’s WWE Debut & Last Ever Match Revealed

Roddy Piper is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but did you know when his first and last ...

Hamish Woodward
The Miz vs John Morrison

The Miz vs John Morrison Was Scrapped Due To Dancing With The Stars

John Morrison has revealed in a recent interview that his planned feud against former partner The Miz was cancelled due ...

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the miz hall of fame

Why The Miz is guaranteed in the WWE Hall of Fame once he retires

The Miz is one of the WWE’s biggest success stories. He came from reality TV where he was known for ...

Hamish Woodward
logan paul wwe debut

Logan Paul’s WWE Debut showed the Youtube Star has a future in Wrestling

Wrestlemania 38 saw Logan Paul‘s WWE debut match, and fans were shocked and excited by what they saw. The controversial ...

Hamish Woodward

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