Shane McMahon Injures Himself In First Match In Over A Year At WrestleMania

Shane McMahon made his long-awaited return to the WWE during a special in-ring segment featuring The Miz and Snoop Dogg.

With Snoop Dogg booking Miz in a match on both nights of WrestleMania, he seemed to have it out for the former WWE Champion.

On night 1 of WrestleMania 39, he booked Miz in a losing effort against Pat McAfee, before a returning Shane McMahon shocked the world by coming back to the WWE.

In Shane McMahon’s first match since the disastrous 2022 Royal Rumble match, he took on The Miz in an impromptu bout, as the crowd gave huge pop for the Best in the World.

However, the match would be a disaster.

Mere seconds into the match, Shane McMahon leapfrogged over The Miz, landing awkwardly on his knee and collapsing to the ground.

The camera cut away from him as The Miz paced around the ring, watching medics attend to Shane McMahon. He looked like he tore his ACL, putting a damper on his big return.

Shane McMahon grabbed his knee in pain, clear that he had done something bad to it doing the simple move on his WrestleMania return.

Ever the pro, Snoop Dogg called an audible. He punched The Miz (twice!) before nailing him with his own version of the People’s Elbow.

Snoop Dogg then pinned The Miz, somehow winning the match for Shane McMahon and getting the crowd to cheer as he lifted his gold WWE Championship high above his head, in celebration.

We will report the details of Shane McMahon’s injury as they become available.

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