Sami Zayn Is First Muslim To Main Event WrestleMania

Hamish Woodward

Sami Zayn made history at WrestleMania 39, becoming the first Muslim to main event the biggest WWE show of the year.

The build up to the event has been focused all around Sami Zayn. His feud with the Bloodline has been the best storyline the WWE have put on in years, and helped make him a top star in the company.

After turning on the group at the 2023 Royal Rumble, he linked up with best friend Kevin Owens to challenge The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Zayn and Owens vs The Usos main evented the first night of WrestleMania 39, becoming the second time a tag team match has gone on last at WrestleMania.

However, he also broke another record.

Sami Zayn Is First Muslim To Main Event WrestleMania

At WrestleMania, Sami Zayn became the first practising Muslim to main event WrestleMania.

Zayn, whose real name is Rami Sebei, is a first-generation Canadian wrestler, having been born on July 12, 1984, in Laval, Quebec.

His parents are both Syrian, and emigrated from Syria in the 1970s to settle down in Quebec (which is also the hometown of tag team partner Kevin Owens).

With the win against The Usos, Sami Zayn became the first Muslim in the WrestleMania main event, and did not during the month of Ramadan, one of the most important times of the year in Islam.

During Ramadan, most Muslim’s fast during the day, forgoing food and water until the sun sets. It is unknown is Sami stuck to this on the day of his WrestleMania match, but there are exceptions to the rules that would have allowed him to drink on the lead up to his WrestleMania 39 main event.

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