The Miz vs John Morrison Was Scrapped Due To Dancing With The Stars

Hamish Woodward

The Miz vs John Morrison

John Morrison has revealed in a recent interview that his planned feud against former partner The Miz was cancelled due to the latter’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars.

Speaking with NBC Sports Boston, the former Intercontinental Champion spoke about his recent WWE run and how WWE had planned to book The Miz vs John Morrison in a major program. The pair been intertwined since their tag team in the reboot of ECW, and did feud briefly over the WWE Championship during the Miz’s 2011 Championship run.

He revealed that a planned match was scrapped due to The Miz missing “a couple of Raws” due to him performing on the hit-TV show Dancing with the Stars.

“We were going to feud, but he missed a couple of Raw’s before he left for Dancing with the Stars, so that never happened. I don’t know if the reason for that is public. But, that never happened and that’s why I was left in limbo, and then.. anyway, I don’t even want to get into it.”

Morrison was “left in limbo” in WWE, not being given much to do whilst he waited for The Miz to get back. However, he was soon released by the company having never faced off with his rival in his second run with the company. It was a deep blow to Morrison, who had such high hopes upon his comeback to the WWE.

Morrison later made a few appearances with AEW, debuting as “Johnny Elite” as part of the Owen Hart Cup Tournament. He lost his debut to Samoa Joe, and after two more matches with only one victory was not picked up by Tony Khan on a permanent deal.

John Morrison is currently not signed to any promotion, having last wrestled in Australia under the name “Johnny Down-Under”. There, he won the WSW Heavyweight Championship and wrestled in a number of highly-rated bouts. However, he has not wrestled since July, indication he could be taking some time off However, he could be re-signed to WWE now that Triple H is in charge and would be a great hand to wrestle in the mid-card and to help the younger talent develop.

He has wrestled under many names, including his real name John Hennigan. The list of every name he has wrestled under, including a number of names based off the promotion he has been wrestling under, which he uses as a gimmick that makes him one of the most recognisable wrestlers in the world;

  • John Morrison
  • Johnny Blackcraft
  • Johnny Blaze
  • Johnny Caballero
  • Johnny Downunder
  • Johnny Elite
  • Johnny Foxwoods
  • Johnny Game Changer
  • Johnny Hardy
  • Johnny Impact
  • Johnny Mundo
  • Johnny Nitro
  • Johnny Onyx
  • Johnny Progress
  • Johnny Spade
  • Johnny Superstar
  • Johnny Ultra

The Miz has yet to comment on the alleged planned feud nixed feud and is still wrestling for WWE. He is one of the longest tenured WWE superstars of all time, wrestling consistently in the company for 18 years since his debut in 2004.

The Miz is currently married to former WWE Divas Champion Maryse, whilst John Morrison married TNA legend Taya Valkyire in 2018. Both he and his wife were released by the WWE in 2021 due to budget cuts.

You can listen to his interview mentioned above, below. Let us know what you think about John Morrison vs The Miz in the comments section, and if you’d like to see that match one day.

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