Transcript Of CM Punk’s Promo On AEW Collision Debut

CM Punk returned on AEW Collision for the first time in 9 months to a hero’s welcome in his hometown of Chicago.

The former AEW Champion entered with a red bag by his side, and a gleam in his eye that told the fans that he was back.

He opened the show with a fiery promo, addressing some of the issues that caused him to attack The Elite after All Out 2022.

CM Punk cut the perfect return promo on the debut of AEW Collision. He should some heelish tendencies, although Punk was cheered as loud as ever by the crowd.

He made reference to The Young Bucks, as well as his rivalry with MJF last year. CM Punk’s promo on AEW Collision will go down as an all-time great, and will be seen as the start of one of the most legendary heel runs of all time.

CM Punk’s AEW Collision Promo

“I don’t know if you guys heard, but I’m tired of being nice. [Applause] Gone 10 months with a ruptured tricep tendon, tore it straight off the bone. But I’m still here, and as long as I am, this is the professional wrestling business. It’s a business of grown-ups; this has never been a popularity contest. We all know I probably would have lost that one a long time ago. So tonight, we’re gonna have a little conversation about the future, but first, I would like to have a little conversation about my past, which I don’t think is checkered.

If you would have told 15-year-old me that you’re gonna sell out the Buddakan, that you’re gonna sell out Madison Square Garden, that you’re gonna sell out multiple times over every single building in Chicago with a roof, well, I’m not sure little Punker would have believed you. It’s because he didn’t experience what present me, standing here in front of all you crazy bastards, has experienced.

I’m tired of being nice. Tell me when I’m telling lies. I did all these things and I got here to this place, riding a wave, riding the backs of smart, passionate professional wrestling fans like you. And, oh gosh, I never fit in somewhere more in my entire life than I have here in professional wrestling. I love you for it. I love you because you love me, and you love me because I have never compromised. I have been unapologetic my entire career. I am me, and I couldn’t have done all this without all of you.

But it seems there are some people that hate me for the same reasons you all love me. Hey, listen, I understand. The magnitude of me makes people uncomfortable. I very much understand that my mere presence makes people uncomfortable. That’s because I am the truth, and the truth is painful. [Applause] Thank you. [Applause]

This sign right here says CM Punk is my hero, and you can call me that. This sign here says Pepsi Phil, you can call me that. This sign here says CM Junk, you can call me that. Boo me, cheer me, love me, hate me, you all do it because you know I’m right. You can call me whatever you want. You know what David Zasloff calls me? One Bill Phil. That’s because I am the one true genuine article in a business full of counterfeit bucks. [Applause] The king is back, baby, and I do have a lot of things to get off my chest. [Applause]

The crowd chant “F*** The Elite”

I got a question, Chicago, and then I’ll get out of your hair. Why would I change? This is what Joe Strummer trained me for. I will always speak truth to power. I will always be myself. I will never compromise. [Applause] And there are people that think that they’re owed an apology. [Applause] I’ve grown older and wiser in my years. Sometimes it’s better to beat a bigger man. If you feel you’re here today and I owe you an apology, here it is: I am sorry that the only people softer than you are the wrestlers you like. Tell me what I’m telling lies. [Applause]

The last time you saw me with my tricep meat hanging down, I held what’s in this bag above my head, and it’s not because I deserve it, it’s mine because I earned it. And it’s not mine because I had the best dog collar match, it’s mine because I won the dog collar match. Tell me what I’m telling lies?

“And this [picks up bag containing AEW Championship belt] – this belongs to me until somebody can pin me or submit me for it. [Applause] And there are those of you who, I’m sure, were praying to whatever God you believe in that I’m going to put these down here in this ring and walk into the sunset, never to be seen again. [Applause] But until there is somebody in this company that can fill these boots, they belong on my feet. Tell me when I’m telling lies.”

CM Punk won his return match on AEW Collision, when he pinned Juice Robinson in a six-man tag team match, also involving Samoa Joe, Jay White and FTR.

You can read more about CM Punk’s return on AEW Collision by clicking the link below.

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