Triple H Had WrestleMania 38 Match Planned Before Retirement

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Triple H is one of WWE’s best wrestlers of all time and has wrestled some of the most iconic WrestleMania matches.

However, despite WrestleMania 35 being The Game’s last outing at the Grandaddy of them all, he looked set to wrestle at WrestleMania 38 before a horrific illness almost killed Triple H and ended his career for good.

The Game’s last match was on a house show in Japan, which is hardly the stage he would have wanted to end his career on. His last WrestleMania match was against Batista, but he would have liked to continue had his body allowed him.

Triple H Wrestlemania 38

During an interview with ESPN, Triple H revealed that he was going to wrestling at Wrestlemania 38.

He spoke to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and told him that he had spoken to Vince McMahon about plans to wrestle at the biggest WWE show of the year, although they were only early talks and nothing had been set in stone.

While The Game was ready to fight at Wrestlemania, he was not leaping at the chance to perform once again for WWE.

He was deep into his role as the head of NXT and was leading the brand in the ill-fated Wednesday Night Wars against AEW. However, he did state that he would wrestle again in WWE “if the right thing came along”.

“If the right thing came along, I hadn’t really said much, but if the right thing came along and they wanted me to do it…I had a conversation with Vince McMahon about doing something at WrestleMania this year in Dallas.

We had talked about and there were plans for. Obviously, when this happened, it shut all that down. As far as the schedule, WWE is an intense place, it’s 24/7 and you’re running, running, running. It put things in perspective for me.”

While there were no concrete plans for Triple H at Wrestlemania, there were certainly talks with Vince McMahon about who he would face.

Based on the card for Wrestlemania, it’s likely that Triple H vs Austin Theory could have been a high-profile match up. Theory was getting a huge push as the hand-picked star by Vince, and a match with Triple H at Wrestlemania 38 would be a massive moment for the young star.

He also could have been the choice to face Stone Cold Steve Austin, who defeated Kevin Owens in the main event of night one. HHH and Austin had incredible feuds in the 1990s and 2000s and a final rematch would have bookended both wrestlers careers nicely.

Instead of wrestling at the show, Triple H opened Wrestlemania by announcing his retirement and leaving his wrestling boots in the ring. It put an end to an incredible career and marked the end of an era in WWE, as one of the last of the top stars left from the Attitude Era finally leaving the business, at least as an in-ring competitor.

Will Triple H ever wrestle again?

Triple H announced his retirement at Wrestlemania 38, and will never wrestle again. Due to a cardiac event he was fitted with a defibrulator and would risk death if he stepped into the ring again.

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