Tyler Reks Claimed John Cena Degraded Them “Like A Ten Year Old”

Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks has spoken about how John Cena forced him to stop using his finishing move, claiming he was “degraded like a ten-year-old”.

In a shocking Twitter rant, the former WWE Superstar revealed all about how John Cena “degraded” them during their time in the WWE.

“Anyone want to know what top guy forced me to stop using the burning hammer – even after it appeared on SD/RAW and PPV’s?”

“1st house show loop, Cena asks pulls me aside, degrades me like I’m 10 years & tells me if I use it again I’d me fired.”

“He yelled at me & said, “Who gave u permission to use that”? Apparently he hadn’t been watching the product 4 the last 8 months.”

Dude’s been on his bus for years, decides to come to the locker room & starts yelling at everyone to take their bags to their cars…”

All because a new WHC was putting on his boots on the floor. He ALWAYS puts his boots on on the floor.”

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