Vince Russo On Writing For WWE – “I Became Every Character”

Hamish Woodward

Vince Russo has revealed how he would write the characters in the WWE, when he helped create some of the biggest moments of the Attitude Era.

Russo is a former WWE writer, who later ran both WCW and TNA. He is credited as being behind some of the best years of the WWE, but also helped run both other companies into the ground.

He is known for his dislike of wrestling, and focusing more on swerves and turns over actually storytelling and substance.

Many have credited him with killing WCW, including his long-term rival Jim Cornette.

Speaking as part of the latest edition of the “Oh You Didn’t Know” Podcast, Vince Russo spoke to Road Dogg about he used to book the WWE talent during the Attitude Era.

When I’m sitting here writing, and I’m writing for Road Dogg, bro, I am Road Dogg. I know this character so freaking well. I know what he’s gonna say, I know what he’s gonna do, I know how he’s gonna act.

Every character I wrote for, I became them. I am them inside out. So I was always true to the character because if you take a situation, every wrestler on that roster is going to handle it differently.

Every single one. Brian’s gonna handle something differently than The Rock. The Rock’s gonna handle it differently from Triple H.

I feel that over time, and this is the way it was, I think, before that era, it’s more of that babyface-heel blanket.

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