Wardlow Is Trying His Best To Be The New Jeff Hardy

Hamish Woodward

It’s long been known that Wardlow is a big Jeff Hardy fan, but it appears he also shares his heroes reckless abandon and disregard for his own safety.

In his match against Christian Cage at AEW Double or Nothing 2023, Wardlow evoked the spirit of the Charismatic Enigma by putting his life on the line to retain his TNT Championship.

The ladder match being made the stipulation promised some daredevil antics, but nobody could expect just how crazy Wardlow would go, in his search of greatness.

The bout pitted the brawn of Wardlow against the cunning of Cage. The Canadian sought to run from Wardlow as much as he could, although he took some big hits from the TNT Champion.

The rating was dragged down by a potentially dangerous botch, where Wardlow leapt from the top rope to the ladder, which caused both himself and Cage to fall, hurting his leg.

The match also saw Arn Anderson bite off Luchasaurus thumb, and Wardlow hit a Swanton Bomb from a ladder that was much too big, and through a table to boot.

The ending antics really helped improve the match rating, as Arn Anderson pushed Christian off the ladder right into a Wardlow powerbomb, with a move straight out of WWE 2K23.

The sight of Arn Anderson sitting in the corner of the ring, with blood pouring out of his mouth, was a disturbing sight, especially after seeing the state of Luchasaurus thumb (apparently dinosaurs have thumbs).

Wardlow retained his TNT Championship by collecting the belt above the ring, in a match type that Jeff Hardy helped make famous, over two decades ago.

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