WCW Director Claims Hulk Hogan Is A “Narcissist-Personality-Disordered Sociopath”

A former TV Director for WCW Nitro has made some big claims against Hulk Hogan, claiming that he is a “terrible person”.

Dan Bynum worked as a producer/director for WCW between 1989 and 1995, as well as working for both Ring of Honor and MLW.

He recently appeared on “The Insiders Podcast” to discuss his time with company, and when the conversation steered toward Hulk Hogan, he did not hold back.

Bynum claimed that Hulk Hogan, who joined the company in 1993, was a “terrible person” who, in his unprofessional opinion, was a “Narcissist-Personality-Disordered Sociopath”

On a recent edition of “The Insiders Podcast,” former WCW TV Director Dan Bynum aired his frustration with WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, harkening back to their time together in WCW.

He claimed he and Hogan did not get on for the get-go, and claimed that Hogan “made me not want to be in wrestling anymore”.

Hulk Hogan celebrates with the WWE Undisputed Championship
Nobody could accuse Hulk Hogan of not having his fair share of controversies.

“When [Hogan] came in, he and I did not hit it off, let’s say. To me, he’s a narcissist-personality-disordered sociopath, and a terrible person to have to be around. He’s a shoot heel, as far as I’m concerned, and he made me not want to be in wrestling anymore.”

Dan Bynum also talked about an incident where Hulk Hogan berated him for cutting during a shoot, lamenting that the cameras should never be off his “23-inch Pythons”.

“We were shooting promos at Center Stage, and it was a two-camera shoot, and I had a wide shot. It was [Hogan] and I think Jimmy Hart was his manager, and Jim Ross was probably interviewing him.”

“So I had the three-shot of them, and Jim goes to Jimmy to do his promo, and I cut to a shot of Jimmy, and then all of a sudden, somebody’s screaming, ‘Cut! Cut! Cut!’ And then Hulk, into the camera — he said, ‘You never take a camera off the Hulkster, and you never cut too close to [not] see the pythons.’”

Hulk Hogan wrestled for WCW until Bash at the Beach 2000, where a match with Jeff Jarrett turned into one of the most disastrous matches in wrestling history.

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