What Is A Weapons Wild Match In WWE? (NXT)

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WWE is adding a new stipulation to their canon, with the addition of the new Weapons Wild match.

The bout is being brought in for its debut at NXT Great American Bash 2023, with two of NXT’s top stars being a part of the match.

It could be the next big thing for the WWE, or flounder into irrelevancy like the Championship Scramble, or the Donnybrook match.

What Is A Weapons Wild Match?

NXT has introduced a new match type to continue the feud between Blair Davenport and Roxanne Perez – the Weapons Wild Match.

This is the latest new match type from the WWE, and hopes to take the WWE by storm in the coming weeks.

Debuting at The Great American Bash 2023, the Weapons Wild match takes hardcore matches to a new extreme.

According to the WWE, the match will take things to a new extreme, in a match where “Anything Goes”.

“The Prodigy” Roxanne Perez is ready to do whatever it takes to finally quell the threat that is the domineering Blair Davenport, and she’s going to try and do it in a Weapons Wild Match where anything goes.

The match rules have not been officially revealed, but it will likely be another version of a “No Disqualification” match, but with plenty of weapons made available to both women.

It will likely be more like the classic “ECW Extreme Rules” matches from the ECW brand, with weapons surrounding the ring, to encourage the wrestlers to use them to inflict pain on one another.

The Weapons Wild match has only happened once before in NXT, taking place at Halloween Havoc 2022.

The first Weapons Wild match saw Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade end their rivalry in a no-disqualification match that blew the fans away.

Why Is It Called A Weapons Wild Match?

The Weapons Wild match in WWE was likely named as such due to the use of various weapons in the match.

The alliteration of “Weapons” and “Wild” rolls off the tongue, and is good for a memorability and marketability factor.

It also accurately described the main feature of the match – it will involve weapons, and the action is going to be wild.

It invokes more of high intensity and fast-paced match, compared to a name like “No Disqualification match”.

More details on the Weapons Wild match type will be included on this page when more details become available.

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