Why Is Brodie Lee Jr Called Negative 1?

Hamish Woodward

Brodie Lee Jr was introduced on his debut episode of AEW Dynamite at Negative 1, a curious name for a child working in AEW.

The 11-year-old star is one of the youngest to ever appear in AEW. Negative 1 debuted on AEW when he was just 8 years old, following the death of his father, Brodie Lee.

Brodie Lee passed away on Boxing Day 2020, following a short but successful run in AEW as TNT Champion.

After his death, AEW put on a show to pay tribute to the former Luke Harper, dubbing it the “Brodie Lee Celebration of Life” episode of AEW Dynamite.

Brodie Lee Jr was introduced as “Negative 1”, a name which may come as a surprise to some people. However, the reason behind it is clear.

Why Is Brodie Lee Jr Called Negative 1?

Brodie Lee Jr was named Negative 1 by Brodie Lee, as head of The Dark Order.

In the early days of the Dark Order, their recruits were referred to as a number, rather than a name.

The wrestlers were given a number, which the lower the number, the more senior member they were in the group.

  • -1 – Brodie Lee Jr
  • 0 – Brodie Lee
  • 1 – Evil Uno
  • 2 – Stu Grayson
  • 3 – Alex Reynolds
  • 4 – John Silvwe
  • 5 – Alan Angels
  • 8 – Colt Cabana
  • 10 – Preston Vance
  • 99 – Anna Jay

Brodie Lee Jr was given the Negative 1 number by his father as a token of love, showing how much he meant to him as his son.

This has been brought into the storylines in AEW, with Negative 1 shown as the leader of the Dark Order.

He was also a key part of the Adam Page storyline with The Dark Order, isolating Hangman from his friends and creating tension between him and the group.

Will Negative 1 Wrestle In AEW?

There are plans for Brodie Lee Jr (Negative 1) to wrestle for AEW, but only when certain conditions are met.

The young son of the late Brodie Lee has been featured on TV as the leader of the Dark Order, but for obvious reasons has been unable to wrestle.

The 11-year-old signed with AEW in December 2020, following the death of Brodie Lee.

The company revealed that they have plans for Negative 1 to wrestle once he turns 18, as long as he still retains an interest in the business as he grows up.

However, his education has always come first. Amanda Huber (his mother and widow of Brodie Lee), previously revealed that Negative 1 was removed from TV when his school grades began to slip.

In 2021, she took to Instagram to explain why Brodie Lee Jr was not appearing alongside The Dark Order on TV anymore.

“100%. He stopped doing his work so he lost privileges. I don’t make money off any appearances he does at AEW, it’s purely for fun. It’s his favorite place in the world and a reward for hard work. He managed to finish his school year with all A’s and B’s despite slipping up a bit. I’m very proud of him.”

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