First ever AEW Negative 1 and Brodie Lee Figures revealed

Hamish Woodward

Negative 1 Brodie Lee Action Figure

AEW have revealed that for the first time ever, Negative 1 will have his first ever action figure, alongside the Brodie Lee action figure. The duo are the latest double pack revealed as part of the AEW figure collection and will be available some time in the near future.

Negative 1, real name Brodie Lee Jr, is the eldest son of the late AEW wrestler Brodie Lee. It is the second time a Brodie Lee action figure has been made available for purchase by AEW, but is the first time his son has had his own figure.

Negative 1 has been a regular fixture on AEW since the passing of Brodie Lee in December 2020. He has been promoted as the leader of the Dark Order (previously led by his father) and has accompanied many of their wrestlers, including Tay Conti, to the ring on many occasions.

The Brodie Lee & Negative 1 double pack is dedicated to the memory of Brodie Lee, and AEW have been working with his widow Dr Amanda Huber closely since his untimely passing.

The Brodie Lee Action Figure and Negative 1 action figure currently retail for around $60 in the United States and are estimated for a release in early June 2022.

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