Brodie Lee

Sammy Guevara Pays Tribute To Brodie Lee At Forbidden Door

Hamish Woodward

Sammy Guevara paid tribute to Brodie Lee at Forbidden Door, during one of the most high-profile matches of his career. ...

Brodie Lee Last Match

Brodie Lee’s Last Match Was “Hated” By Cody Rhodes

Hamish Woodward

What did you think of Brodie Lee’s last match? AEW star Brodie Lee passed away on 26th December 2020, after ...

Brodie Lee Best Matches From His Legendary Career

Hamish Woodward

As we look back at his heartbreaking passing, we pay tribute to the former Luke Harper and look at Brodie ...

Explaining Brodie Lee’s Death And The Harrowing Details

Hamish Woodward

Brodie Lee’s death in 2020 was one of the most shocking deaths in wrestling history. Without a hint of anything ...

Brodie Lee’s AEW Career Is Wrestling’s Biggest “What If?”

Hamish Woodward

Brodie Lee is one of the biggest “what ifs?” in wrestling – with his premature death ending what could have ...

Jon Moxley Planned Team With Brodie Lee Prior To Tragic Death

Hamish Woodward

Jon Moxley wanted to form a tag team with Brodie Lee after their AEW debuts – put those plans were ...

Top 10 Best Surprise Debuts in AEW History

Hamish Woodward

In this article, we’ll look at the best AEW debuts of all time and some of the most shocking appearances ...

bryan danielson injury

Brodie Lee Tribute Show Helped Bryan Danielson Sign For AEW

Hamish Woodward

Bryan Danielson has explained how the Brodie Lee tribute show inspired him to sign for AEW – a story similar ...

Revealing The Original Plans For Brodie Lee’s AEW Debut

Hamish Woodward

FTR wanted to team with Brodie Lee in AEW, recreating a famous faction that changed wrestling in the 1990s, Dax ...

its wednesday night you know what that means

Why Jim Ross says “It’s Wednesday night, you know what that means” on AEW Dynamite?

Hamish Woodward

Every episode of AEW Dynamite starts the same way. The AEW Dynamite them song plays with a montage of all ...

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