Brodie Lee’s Last Match Was “Hated” By Cody Rhodes

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Brodie Lee Last Match

What did you think of Brodie Lee’s last match?

AEW star Brodie Lee passed away on 26th December 2020, after a long and secret battle with illness. His death came as a huge shock to the wrestling world, with many people not even aware of him being ill.

His death hit everyone hard, as Brodie Lee was considered one of the nicest men in wrestling and had a long, storied career that took him all over the world.

He joined AEW on the first Dynamite of the Pandemic Era which took place in his home town of Rochester, New York. He was revealed as the leader of the Dark Order, also known as “The Exalted One”.

As their leader he was immediately pushed into the main event of the show and exemplified the talent that Vince McMahon had cast aside in the WWE.

He entered into a feud with Jon Moxley over the AEW Championship early on in his run.

He was not originally meant to be pushed into the match so soon but due to the pandemic halting production of Dynamite he was put into the position, showing the trust Tony Khan had in Brodie Lee.

From his debut in AEW to Brodie Lee’s last match, he showed what an incredible wrestler he was and what a top professional he was.

His run also included a victory over Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship and an incredible match against Orange Cassidy, but his last match is a sad affair that Cody Rhodes claimed to hate, but not for the reason you may think.

Brodie Lee’s Last Match

Brodie Lee’s last match was against Cody Rhodes on October 7, 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite in a Dog Collar Match. The bout was for the TNT Championship, which Lee had defeated Cody Rhodes for in their previous encounter two months prior.

This match main evented AEW Dynamite and was a brutal and bloody match.

It was the first Dog Collar Match in AEW history and was inspired by the Greg Valentine vs Roddy Pipe match at Starrcade in 1983. Being a big history buff, Rhodes sought inspiration from man old-school wrestlers, most notably his father Dusty Rhodes.

In August 2020, Brodie Lee pinned Rhodes to become the second ever TNT Champion after a horrific looking powerbomb. Their match lasted 3 minutes and made Lee look like one of the most dangerous men in all of AEW.

He already looked like a star in his defeat to Jon Moxley, but the dismantling of Rhodes (which kept him off TV for a month and a half) presented “Mr Brodie Lee” as an unbeatable force in the promotion.

Between their first and last match, Brodie Lee defended his title against both Dustin Rhodes and Orange Cassidy in two wonderful matches. However, in his last match he would lose the title to Cody Rhodes in the Dog Collar match before taking an extended hiatus to recover from injuries.

Sadly, he would never recover and would soon face an illness which would ultimately take his life.

Cody Rhodes HATED Being His Last Ever Opponent

cody rhodes last aew match

Cody Rhodes spoke about the passing of the former Luke Harper last year and how it felt to be the last match in the stars long career.

He felt mixed emotions about being part of Brodie Lee’s last match, stating that “I loved it” but “I also hated it”, due to be denied so many great matches in the future if his career could have continued.

On Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho Podcast, Cody Rhodes said’

“I hated the fact that I was his last match. Like, I loved it, and I love that feeling. But, I also hated it, because god, we were all denied all these other great matches.”

While Rhodes feels mixed thoughts about being the final match in the big man’s legendary career, he can take solace in the fact that the pair put on an incredible bout which will be a huge part of the history of AEW for years to come.

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