WWE Legends Call MJF The Best Heel In Wrestling

Hamish Woodward

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is still in his mid-20s, but has ascended to become one of the top wrestlers in the entire wrestling industry.

When it comes to pro-wrestling, it’s fair to say that MJF is the best heel in the world. He incites furore like nobody else in wrestling, cutting closer to the bone than any other wrestler dares to.

But is MJF the best heel in wrestling? In this article, we’ll give you our view and go through what some wrestling legends said about Maxwell Jacob Friedman as a top heel in the world of pro-wrestling.

Is MJF The Best Heel In Wrestling?

MJF is the best heel in wrestling. He has proven this over the last few years in AEW, where he has ascended to being a top draw and a world champion in the company.

Whether in the ring, on the microphone or even commentary, nobody can touch him in AEW, and maybe all over the world.

While MJF wrestles infrequently, every match he has feels like a big deal, and always delivers. He has shown that he is one of the best in the world, with bouts against CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley, to name but a few.

MJF defeated Bryan Danielson in one of the greatest matches in AEW history.

However good he is in the ring, it is MJF’s promos that set him apart from the rest of the roster.

When he grabs the microphone, the crowd goes hush and listens. He speaks eloquently, without pause and without mistake, and has one of the best deliveries ever seen in pro-wrestling.

The content of the promos also make him one of the best heels. He will cut close to the bone, talking about things nobody else has the balls to. He will insult people for being fat, for being ugly, talking about their dead parents and anything else to get under the people’s skin.

MJF can also tell a completely different kind of story. He has, on occasions, gone to the emotional well and told tales from his life, giving a more sympathetic aspect to the character that everyone has grown to hate.

His versitility is his greatest aspect, but couple with unbeatable in-ring talent and some of the best promos the world has ever seen.

For our money, MJF is the best heel in the world, and at just 27 could go down as the greatest heel of all time.

But what do some WWE legends have to say about MJF’s work as a heel?

Eric Bischoff

Former WCW and WWE legend Eric Bischoff is one person who thinks MJF is he best heel in wrestling today.

During an appearance on the Keepin’ it 100 podcast, the former WCW President spoke about the AEW Champion’s impact on wrestling today, sharing his views on the young star.

When asked about whom the best heel, he said it was “Hands down MJF”, and that there wasn’t “anybody remotely close to MJF”.

“Hands down, MJF. His character has remained so consistent, unlike so many performers who play the roles of a heel. In my opinion MJF embraces and loves his position as a heel.

I’m not even sure it’s a role, I just think he’s a heel by nature and it just fits him man, and he’s consistent all the way through… I think he’d be pissed if he had to be a babyface. I think he would be a fish out of water.

So hands down, without question, I don’t think there’s anybody close – in my opinion, based on the things that I like and appreciate about a heel. I don’t think there’s anybody remotely close to MJF.”

However, Bully Ray Disagrees On MJF Being The Best Heel

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray has poured water over the MJF celebration, denying that he is the best heel in the world.

Bully Ray was famous for inciting riots in ECW with his promos, and will go down in history as one of the most hated heels of all time.

The former TNA World Champion recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about MJF, and claimed he was not the best heel because “there’s a lot of smiling” people in the crowd when he makes his entrance.

He noted that, while he does come out to a chorus of boos, he also gets the crowd on their feet during his matches. He argues that the crowd love him too much to be considered a great heel.

“People want to talk about Max like, ‘Oh he is the best heel’, but people love to hate Max. When Max comes out for his entrance, there’s a lot of smiling. There’s a lot of people like, ‘Oh my God, what is he going to say?

I can’t wait for the zinger.’ When Bully comes out, nobody is smiling. There is worry. I love Max to death. I am his biggest supporter and biggest fan, and he knows it.

But it would be very easy for Max to go out there to a sea of boos, but also to a standing ovation. If they love you that much, then they can’t hate you that much in that moment.”

What do you think? Is MJF the best heel in wrestling today? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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