Every MJF AEW World Championship defense rated

At Full Gear 2022, Maxwell Jacob Friedman won his first World Championship in AEW. MJF was already one of the ...

Hamish Woodward
cody rhodes neck tattoo

MJF thought Cody Rhodes’ neck tattoo was trying to steal his thunder

MJF thought that Cody Rhodes getting his neck tattoo before their pay per view match was an attempt to “steal ...

Hamish Woodward

MJF has had three key tag team partners in AEW

MJF is one of AEW’s top stars, despite not even reaching his 30s yet. Despite this, MJF has been involved ...

Hamish Woodward

Ranking The Best AEW Champion Of All Time

The AEW Championship is one of the most prestigious titles in the world right now, with one of the most ...

Hamish Woodward

These AEW Double Champions Held Two Championships At Once

Holding one AEW Championship is impressive enough, but a select few wrestlers can claim to have held two championship at ...

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CM Punk and MJF Promo From AEW Dynamite Transcript

CM Punk and MJF cut one of the best promos in AEW history on the 2021 Thanksgiving episode of AEW ...

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Results for MJF vs The Righteous at AEW WrestleDream 2023

For the first time in AEW history, a tag team championship was put on the line in a handicap match. ...

Hamish Woodward

Samoa Joe vs MJF Is The Next AEW Championship Feud

In something nobody saw coming, MJF vs Samoa Joe looks to be the next big feud in AEW. After defending ...

Hamish Woodward

Every Time MJF Has Lost In AEW, Revealed

MJF has become the biggest star in AEW, and currently holds the AEW Championship in his first reign. He has ...

Stewart Harper

MJF & His Fiance Broke Up In 2023

MJF and his fiancé spent years together, but broke up just months after first getting engaged. The AEW Champion is ...

Hamish Woodward

MJF Reveals List Of Dream Opponents From First Day Of Training

MJF took to Twitter to reveal a recent discovery – a list he made on his first day of pro-wrestling ...

Hamish Woodward

MJF Takes Huge Shot At NJPW During Entrance At Forbidden Door

AEW Champion MJF has made another dig at New Japan Pro Wrestling, this during his entrance at Forbidden Door 2023. ...

Hamish Woodward
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