Every Time MJF Has Lost In AEW, Revealed

MJF has become the biggest star in AEW, and currently holds the AEW Championship in his first reign.

He has been one of the fastest rising stars over the years, as well as one of the most successful in AEW. You can probably count all of his losses in your head, showing just how few there have been so far.

So far in AEW, MJF has lost 16 matches over the four years. This includes singles matches, tag team matches and multi-man matches, such as battle royals.

In fact, MJF has only been lost in singles matches 6 times in over 4 years, an astonishing record that surely will not be broken any time soon.

In this article, we’ll talk you through ever match that MJF has lost in AEW. Let us know your favourite in the comments section below.

1. Double or Nothing 2019 – Casino Battle Royal

MJF came close to winning the first ever AEW match, coming up just short to Hangman Adam Page.

This was MJF’s first match in AEW, and he wowed fans by his incredible heel work in the Casino Battle Royal at Double or Nothing 2019.

It was most fans first introduction to MJF, and they saw him come close to winning AEW’s first match, losing to Adam Page for the chance to wrestle for the first AEW Championship.

2. Fyter Fest 2019 – vs Adam Page vs Jimmy Havoc vs Jungle Boy

At AEW’s second event, MJF once again lost to Adam Page. This time, it was a four-way match that also included Jungle Boy and Jimmy Havoc (the disgraced former wrestler-turned-postman).

Page won the match on his way to face Chris Jericho at All Out 2019, but MJF put on a great performance despite suffering his second loss in AEW.

3. AEW Dynamite 27/5/20 – Battle Royal

Nearly a year after his last loss, MJF would lose in another multi-man match. This time, it was for a shot at Cody Rhodes’ TNT Championship, and was won by Jungle Boy.

He ended up fourth in the match, despite help from Wardlow. MJF was eliminated from the match by Orange Cassidy and Jungle Boy, after accidentally hitting Wardlow with his Dynamite Diamond Ring.

4. Fyter Fest 2020 Night 2 – vs Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus

In one of Jungle Boy’s best ever matches, he teamed with Luchasaurus to beat MJF and Wardlow in a tag team match.

The match that setup to the number one match on the list of Jungle Boy best matches. The tag match between the future Pinnacle pair and Jurassic Express was one that came in with little build. but wowed the audience anyhow.

This fast-paced encounter featured power and work rate. The monsters Luchasaurus and Wardlow provided the big man spots, while MJF and Jungle Boy work.

MJF’s side lost the match, to build up to Jungle Boy vs MJF at AEW’s next pay per view.

5. All Out 2020 – vs Jon Moxley

MJF’s first AEW Championship opportunity ended in defeated, after a classic bout with Jon Moxley in the main event of the second All Out show.

MJF had campaigned tirelessly for a match against “dictator Jon” in the build up, making the most of the lack of crowd due to the pandemic.

Feigning injury, he managed to get Moxley’s Paradigm Shigft shift banned from the match, although it was that move that caused MJF’s fifth loss in AEW.

6. Brodie Lee’s Celebration Of Life – vs Adam Page & The Dark Ordr

While this match feels like it is out of the AEW canon, it is where MJF picked up one of his very few losses in AEW.

The young star, at the behest of guest booked Brodie Lee Jr, teamed with Santana & Ortiz in a match that honored the legacy of the late, great Brodie Lee.

The trio lost to Adam Page and The Dark Order in an emotional match that you simply must watch one day.

7. AEW Revolution 2021 – vs The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks AEW tag team Championship reign was chocked full of fantastic matches, and this bout against MJF and Chris Jericho was among one of the best.

With MJF causing friction inside the Inner Circle, he and Jericho attempted to bring the AEW tag team titles to the group for the first time.

In a fast-paced match, MJF lost the match for the team and furthered the feud with Chris Jericho, that would last another six months.

8. AEW Double or Nothing 2021 – Stadium Stampede Match

In the weakest of the two Stadium Stampede matches, The Inner Circle beat MJF’s Pinnacle in a fun bout that main evented Double or Nothing.

The match saw the two teams brawl all over the Jacksonville Jaguar’s stadium, with some fun spots, ending the long-winded rivalry between MJF and Chris Jericho finally.

9. AEW All Out 2021 – vs Chris Jericho

At the end of the infamous “Labors of Jericho”, MJF took on Chris Jericho at All Out 2022, with Chris Jericho’s entire career on the line.

Despite beating Jericho a few weeks earlier, MJF lost to Chris Jericho at All Out, despite briefly winning the match in the eyes of the ref before the match result was overturned, and the match forced to continue.

The crowd erupted when Chris Jericho forced MJF to tap out, adding his ninth loss of his AEW career to his record.

10. AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash 2021 – vs CM Punk, Sting & Darby Allin

After only 9 losses in his career, MJF would pick up three during his feud with CM Punk between 2021 and 2022.

The first was in one of his best matches, a fun six-man tag match that saw MJF team with FTR to take on the trio of CM Punk, Darby Allin and Sting.

The bout saw CM Punk wearing Sting’s classic face paint, MJF being chases through the arena and just some fantastic tag team action, which saw CM Punk’s side add another loss onto MJF’s record.

11. AEW Dynamite 5/1/2022 – vs Shawn Dean

On the January 5 episode of Dynamite, CM Punk hit Shawn Dean with a GTS, during his bout with MJF. This resulted in MJF getting disqualified, losing his first singles match since September 2021.

This was a huge shock win for Dean, and an even bigger loss for MJF. It also ruined his chances of moving up the ranks for an AEW title shot, and furthered his feud with CM Punk moving into AEW Revolution 2022.

12. AEW Revolution 2022 – vs CM Punk

In what has been called the best Dog Collar match in wrestling history, CM Punk got his win back from MJF at AEW Revolution 2022.

Taking inspiration from legends like Roddy Piper and Raven, the pair wrestled for over 30 minutes, spilling huge amounts of blood and committing incredible acts of violence upon one another.

MJF lost the match when Wardlow refused to hand him the Dynamite Diamond Ring, cementing his heel turn and handing CM Punk the victory.

13. AEW Dynamite 13/4/22 – vs Shawn Dean

Shawn Dean proved that he had MJF’s number, handing him his second loss in as many matches against “The Captain”.

With help from Wardlow, MJF lost by count-out to Shawn Dean, going 2-0 against the young star, eating his 13th loss in his AEW career.

14. AEW Double or Nothing 2022 – vs Wardlow

Despite the fans being unsure if MJF would even turn up to this match (he reportedly got on a plan the day before, refusing to attend the show), MJF lost to Wardlow in a match that had been building for years.

Wardlow finally got out from under the thumb of MJF at Revolution, and completely squashed the young star in what should have been a star-making performance from the future TNT Champion.

Sadly, the controversy surrounding MJF took away from the win, and Wardlow did not become the main event star that he should have.

15. AEW Dynamite 3/5/22 – vs Darby Allin & Jungle Boy

MJF’s 15th loss in his AEW career was in a tag team match that helped build to the four pillars four way match at Double or Nothing 2023.

After turning on partner Sammy Guevara during the match, MJF lost the bout to Darby Allin and Jungle Boy, which earned the duo an entrance into the AEW title match at Double or Nothing.

MJF would go on to win the four pillars match, avoiding adding another loss to his record.

16. AEW Collision 7/29/23 – vs FTR

MJF and Adam Cole made it to the final’s of the tag team tournament, after being put together as a “mix and max” team.

This came following their 30 minute draw on Dynamite, which saw Cole fail to win a shot at MJF’s AEW Championship.

They went on to win the whole tournament, earning a title match against FTR on the 29th July, 2023 edition of AEW Collision.

Sadly, the power of friendship could not help MJF and Adam Cole win, as Dax Harwood pinned MJF with a roll up, while holding the tights, to give MJF his 16th loss in AEW.

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