AEW Signing $1 Billion EXCLUSIVE Deal With Warner Bros

Hamish Woodward

It looks like pro-wrestling is hitting new heights, if details surrounding AEW‘s new TV deal are to be believed.

According to multiple sources, including Andrew Zarian and Sean Ross Sapp, AEW are set to announce a $1 Billion deal with Warner Bros Discover, shattering their previous TV deal.

This agreement would see all AEW programming become exclusive on Warner Bros Discovery, over a five-year period for the companies.

1 billion dollars over 5 years for the entire AEW package on WBD, including streaming rights and Max involvement, I can absolutely believe the rumors. Next week with the upfronts is gonna be LOVELY. The naysayers might just go into hibernation.

The exclusivity aspect of the deal could be a godsend for pro-wrestling fans, as it means the back catalogue for AEW could be made a part of HBO-Max.

This is similar to the deal the WWE made with Peacock, merging their existing WWE network with the streaming service. As AEW currently don’t own their own streaming service, this would be the first time fans in the US can stream old episodes of AEW Dynamite and Rampage.

The $1 Billion deal could also include pay-per-views, which would exclusively be hosted on the platform. The agreement could also have been why AEW recently cancelled AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation, to focus on their current product.

The new TV show, rumoured to be called AEW Collision, is reportedly a big part of the deal, with Warner Bros Discovery rumoured to be paying $50 million a year just for the CM Punk-helmed Saturday show.

Rumours are that the deal will be announced tonight, by Tony Khan on AEW Dynamite.

The rumours began with Wrestling Observer writer Ryan Frederick, and have now been confirmed by multiple wrestling journalists. The deal could also mean All In is shown on live TV, as opposed to PPV.

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