AEW Collision Predictions: Debut, CM Punk, Brand Split

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AEW’s brand-new show, Collision, is gearing up for its debut, and we have some predictions about how the show will turn out.

AEW Collision will debut from Chicago, IL’s United Center. The 17 June show will air from 8-10 PM Eastern, likely on TNT and will be AEW’s first dedicated Saturday evening TV Show.

Rumours suggest that the show will facilitate AEW’s first ever brand split, taking inspiration from a storytelling device the WWE has used for nearly two decades.

While nothing have been officially announced, there are some rumours and leaks about the show, and which wrestlers will be a part of Dynamite, and which will call Saturday Night’s Collision home.

In this article, we’ll give you our prediction about what could happen on the debut episode of AEW Collision, what the show will look like, which wrestlers will be drafted to which roster, and the future of AEW.

AEW Collision Predictions


The rosters for the AEW brand split have not been finalised, but we have some idea of which stars will be on which show.

Our first big prediction is that CM Punk and The Elite will be split up. They have been at odds with each other for nearly a year now, and this culminated in a fight after All Out 2022, which saw them suspended from the company.

You can click this link to read the full details about CM Punk and The Elite’s backstage brawl.

Current rumours suggest that AEW Collision was pitched by the TV network themselves, as a vehicle for CM Punk to be the star of the show.

He is known as the top draw in AEW, and the network are reportedly paying AEW $50 million for the Punk-helmed show.

CM Punk will be the star of AEW Collision, with the likes of FTR and Chris Jericho joining him. Meanwhile, our prediction is that AEW Dynamite will be the “Elite Show”, and keep Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks as the focal point of the show.

However, there has been a lot of change surrounding the plans for the AEW Brand Split.

Dave Meltzer has reported that the plans have changed, and the brand split may be more “soft”, and not have distinct, dedicated rosters for both Dynamite and Collision.

The updated plan, and this will possibly change a few times, is that there will be less of a hard roster split as previously told to people who do know about it. The thought is that the split will not be hard at all with the women as they don’t believe there is enough star power to do a hard split.”

Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer

AEW Collision First Episode

Our next prediction is regarding the first episode of AEW Collision. The show is rumoured to debut on the 17th June, which will take place in Chicago.

Our prediction for the AEW Collision debut is that CM Punk will return to AEW, for the first time since All Out 2022.

He will not be announced for the event, but similar to his debut in 2021, the rumours of his return will sell out the arena in his hometown.

His return will likely coincide with a reunion with FTR. The main event of that show will likely be a six-man tag team match, likely some combination of CM Punk and FTR vs the Jericho Appreciation Society.

A leak from Twitter has also claimed that Matt Cardona (aka Zack Ryder in WWE) could have signed for AEW, and will make his debut on the debut episode.

Click this link to read more about Matt Cardona’s AEW return.

Goldberg Will Debut On The Debut Episode

My big prediction is that Goldberg will debut in AEW on the debut episode of AEW Collision.

The signing of the former WCW Champion has been long rumoured, ever since his WWE contract expired last year.

MJF has talked about potentially facing Goldberg, while Wardlow has also challenged him to a fight at AEW All In 2.

My prediction is that Goldberg will debut in AEW on the first episode, and set up a match with Wardlow at All In London.

The AEW International Championship Will Be Collision’s World Title

It’s hard to argue that Orange Cassidy isn’t the best champion in AEW right now.

Holding the AEW International Championship since October, Cassidy has defended the title against all manner of opponents, racking up an incredible 20 title defences (as of the time of writing).

Rather than creating another new belt, we predict that the AEW International Champion will be portrayed as AEW Collision’s World Champion.

The name “International” title invokes the same feelings as a “world” title”, and would give that stars on Collision something to fight over.

Whilst MJF could span both shows as AEW Champion, a la Brock Lesnar in the first brand split, I don’t think that will be the case.

Expect to see CM Punk vs Orange Cassidy in a huge match-up, some place down the line.

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