Why Was the FTR Podcast Cancelled? Unveiling the Inside Story

Hamish Woodward

Sadly, it is true – the FTR Podcast has been cancelled, with immediate effect.

After William Regal left AEW to re-sign for WWE, the Gentleman Villain podcast was abruptly stopped, with little warning.

However, co-host Matt Koon quickly replaced him with AEW Tag Team Champion Dax Harwood, who is one half of the tag team FTR.

The show was renamed as simply FTR, and saw Harwood discuss all facets of the wrestling business, including backstage details about AEW and his coworkers (however, most of the show was about CM Punk and Bret Hart).

CM Punk’s absence from AEW was a big part of the FTR

After a number of months, and after he had annoyed a number of his AEW co-workers, Dax Harwood announced an end to the podcast.

He and co-host Matt Koon announced the cancellation of the FTR Podcast on the show’s final episode.

Harwood was emotional going into it, and admitted that the FTR podcast was stopping because of his mental health, and because the podcast was ultimately not “good for wrestling”.

“Going into this podcast, I never thought it would happen and I hate that it happened and again, like I told you earlier in the show, I thought I was way more mentally tough than I am but I admit that I’m not.

I don’t think I can handle some of the things that are said. I don’t think I want my daughter ten years from now to read some of the things written about me.

“Ultimately, we wanted to do good for wrestling and I don’t think that this podcast – as much as we tried – I don’t think the podcast was reflecting that for whatever reason.”

Did AEW Force Dax Harwood To End The FTR Podcast


Some people have claimed that it was Tony Khan who put a stop to the podcast.

Dax Harwood has caused a lot of controversy with his podcast, revealing backstage secrets that have upset some AEW wrestlers over the weeks.

However, On the final episode of FTR, Dax Harwood revealed that nobody in AEW, including Tony Khan, pressured him into ending his podcast.

“AEW did not ask Dax or pressure anybody to stop the podcast. AEW did not pressure anybody, Tony Khan did not pressure anybody, Dax and I haven’t had a falling out. Any of those other things.

We’re not so upset by the trolls that we’re leaving, we’re not so upset at the Meltzer and Alvarez that we’re leaving.

We really just don’t feel good about the fact that what we’re doing is hurting wrestling, or hurting AEW. This company that’s trying to make the wrestling world a better place.”

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