Eddie Kingston is our version of Dusty Rhodes, Says Dax Harwood

Dax Harwood gave a huge compliment to Eddie Kingston on his latest podcast, comparing the AEW star to wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes.

Kingston has been likened to the WWE Hall of Famer times because he is seen as a man of the people, a regular guy with a passion for wrestling and a certain “realness” to him, He is also a master at promos, something that Dusty Rhodes is most famous for.

Speaking on the latest FTR Podcast, Dax Harwood said;

“I think Eddie is our version of Dusty Rhodes. The common man who can talk better than anybody else in the business, and make people feel a certain way. Doesn’t matter what situations he is put in, he still makes the people feel a certain way about what he’s doing. That is a very rare commodity, quality, in your arsenal. He makes people care because what he says, he believes. When he fights, he believes that too.”

Harwood also revealed how he and Eddie Kingston almost got into a fight backstage at AEW once.

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