MJF vs Eddie Kingston Feud Ignites – “I’ll Never Wrestle That Slob!”

Hamish Woodward

MJF vs Eddie Kingston

MJF and Eddie Kingston have been trading words on Twitter in that past couple of days, with some fans expecting a match between the two to take place. The pair have never wrestled before in AEW but remain two of the most popular men on the entire roster.

MJF vs Eddie Kingston

MJF vs Eddie Kingston is a match that could be huge for AEW. Both are supreme workers inside the ring and are considered two of the best on the microphone in the entire world. Both have an innate sense of authenticity when speaking to their audience, but each has their own unique way of talking. Kingston can make you love him through his grit and realness whilst MJF can make anyone hate him with just a few simple words.

However, the match between “The Devil” and “The Mad King” looks to be unlikely to happen, due to the first thing MJF said about Kingston which prompted the social media argument. When a fan Tweeted the Casino Poker Chip holder to say that he needed to see the two men face off, with MJF replying “I’ll never wrestle that slob.”

While MJF started the beef, Eddie Kingston was not one to pull his punches online. The Mad King responded in kind by Tweeting out a GIF of Jon Lovitz dramatically saying the word “Acting” (with captions), accompanying the phrase “This is all I think about when I see you tweet or say anything.”

The short of it is that Eddie Kingston is calling MJF fake. Kingston prides himself on his realness and puts everything in his feuds, which has got him from almost being forced to retire due to the pandemic to being a main event talent featured on a national television show with a 1,000,000 weekly viewership.

However, MJF would not take that insult lying down. He replied by Tweeting “I’m as authentic as it gets. I’m sure that’s real scary for a fake tough guy from the slums of Yonkers.”. The two New Yorkers trading barbs got AEW fans excited for a future MJF vs Eddie Kingston feud in the future, with the pair potentially clashing for the AEW Championship if The Devil cashes in his casino chip on Jon Moxley soon.

MJF will have to wait at least a week to get his hands on Eddie Kingston, however. He faces Wheeler Yuta on AEW Dynamite after the pair began to trade insults over the past few weeks. MJF is targeting Jon Moxley’s world championship but will have to deal with his Blackpool Combat Club – or as MJF called it, the Blackpool Cuckold Club – member Wheeler Yuta before he can get his hands on the champion.

Eddie Kingston has also previously challenged for the AEW Championship. He lost twice to Jon Moxley during the latter’s first reign with the belt, once on AEW Dynamite and most recently at Full Gear 2020. The pair eventually reconciled and teamed together, challenging the Young Bucks unsuccessfully for the AEW Tag Team Championships.

Eddie Kingston vs MJF for the AEW Championship could main event any AEW show, including Pay Per Views. Both are top workers and would put there heart and soul into putting on the best show they possibly could. Let us know in the comments who you think would win in MJF vs Eddie Kingston or click below to read about The Young Bucks splitting up

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