The Young Bucks Split Up Due To The Most Ridiculous Reasons

Hamish Woodward

Young Bucks Split Up

The Young Bucks were broken up and actually wrestled each other in singles matches, but the reason behind the split-up were as stupid as splitting up one of the world’s best tag teams.

The pair previously claimed they would never go their separate ways, but were forced out of being a team during the pairs run in TNA in 2010.

The Young Bucks Break Up

Nick and Matt Jackson are known professional as The Young Bucks and are regarded as one of the greatest tag teams of all time. As a duo they have won tag titles wherever they have wrestled, including in PWG, ROH, NJPW and AEW.

The one exception to this in TNA. The pair signed for the company, now known as Impact Wrestling, in late 2009 and started then run with the company in early 2010. They were forced to change their names, being known as Max and Jeremy Buck, with the team being called Generation Me.

When the name was announced, fans still chanted for “The Young Bucks”, leading TNA to name them Max and Jeremy Buck to make sense of the crowd participation. The pair did defeat the Motor City Machine Guns on their debut match in the promotion, but they soon went downhill.

The Young Bucks in TNA were poorly handled as a team and few thought it could worse. However, Vince Russo, then in charge of TNA creative, decided to do the unthinkable and split up the brothers. They had not been singles stars since their backyard wrestling days and nobody, including Nick and Matt Jackson, wanted the brothers to be split up.

They revealed in their book Killing the Business that Vince Russo came and told them that he was splitting the duo up, with Matt turning heel in Nick. They did note that Russo claimed it would only be a short term feud and that the duo would “eventually get back together”.

Both the Young Bucks and the fans were against the Young Bucks break up (although they were known as Generation Me at the time). They knew it would harm their careers, but Nick and Matt Jackson were too scared to speak up, being so early in their careers and only just signed to the number 2 company in the United States.

They wrote in their book about the Young Bucks break-up;

“Performing this angle was painful” Nick Jackson wrote, “We knew we were doing harm to our careers, but we did it anyway, too afraid to speak up. Matt angrily accused me of trying to steal his spotlight, attacked me and threw his “Gen Me” wristband at me.”

“That felt like the final straw. We could feel it, and see it, from the expressions of the crowd; they didn’t want us to split up.”

They claimed this was the “final straw” in their time in TNA, althought it would take some months before they would finally leave the company. A few weeks later, the brothers would be put back together in the team “as if nothing happened”. The huge plot hole ruined their storyline and would be the begininng of the end for the duo. who would be left off of TNA TV for some weeks before finally requesting their release from the company.

A few weeks later, on May 5th, seemingly for no reason whatsoever, Matt and I were placed back together as if nothing happened. It really concerned us that our story had such a giant plot hole in it. Although we always wanted to be together, we didn’t feel like this was going to help our characters’ development. It simply felt like our story had been abandoned.”

This would be the last time the duo would be separated, with them sticking together as a team. Whether it be part of The Elite, Bullet Club or simply just by themselves, the Young Bucks didn’t break up their tag team for anyone.

However, a chance at another singles match between the pair could still be set for AEW, as they revealed in an interview at Starrcade…

They Revealed They Will Never Split Up Again

The Young Bucks AEW Contract
The Young Bucks became incredibly successful as a tag team worldwide

The Young Bucks appeared at Starrcast IV in 2019, to discuss all things about their careers and the recent formation of AEW. The brothers spoke about their singles run in TNA and whether or not you’d ever see them competing without the other at any point in the near future.

Nick Jackson revealed that they would compete in singles competition, but only under certain circumstances. He claimed that only injury would see one compete without the other and there will not be another Young Bucks break up in the future if they can help it.

“God forbid one of us gets injured or anything that’s the only way you’ll see us do a type of singles match. I don’t know, I think we’re gonna be a tag team forever. Wouldn’t that be cool? Just a tag team that stays together forever?”

Nick Jackson on splitting up the Young Bucks

However, they were then asked if we’d ever see Nick Jackson vs Matt Jackson in a match in AEW. While the pair did not rule out the rematch that saw Max Buck vs Jeremy Buck in TNA, they stated that we wouldn’t see a “lame brother vs brother storyline” and that it would either need to be a fantastic storyline or as part of a tournament in AEW.

“Chances are higher for that. You’re not going to see a lame brother versus brother storyline like we see every year in the wrestling business it seems.”

If there’s a situation like a tournament or something that we’re forced to be in, in that kind of situation I could see it happening. It’s funny because at All In we thought we were going to have a singles match together because we thought it was different.”

However, it seemed like neither brother was keen on facing each other and seem content with building their legacy as one of, if not the, greatest tag teams of all time. They are certainly one of the most influential and have put on some of the best matches of the past decade.

What do you think about The Young Bucks breaking up? Would you like to see Nick Jackson vs Matt Jackson? Let us know in the comments or click below to read about Jungle Boy’s WWE Contract trouble

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