Zach Gowen Revealed He Didn’t Get Pushed Down Stairs By Brock Lesnar

Hamish Woodward

Former WWE Superstar Zach Gowen has revealed that the famous scene of him being pushed down the stairs by Brock Lesnar was not all that it seems.

The attack came during the short-lived, yet memorable feud between Zach Gowen and Brock Lesnar. The one-legged wrestler was unsuccessful in competing with The Beast, but is remembered by wrestling fans, two decades later.

Gowen even defeated Lesnar during a match on Smackdown, albeit by disqualification after Lesnar broke his leg during the match.

Gowen made history as the first ever WWE Superstar with one leg, as he wrestled his matches with the use of a prosthetic leg. This made him an incredibly memorable part of WWE history.

In an exclusive for, Steve Fall spoke with former WWE star Zach Gowen. Scroll down to watch the entire interview.

“I didn’t take it. They brought in a stunt double to take that fall for me. They brought in a stunt double to take that particular fall down the stairs tied to a wheelchair.

This guy looked just like me except he had two feet, which is pretty cool to see. Right before we cut, Vince asked me if I wanted to take the bump. I looked at him and said, “Are you crazy?’

I know how to get powerbombed, I know how to jump off the top rope, but I don’t know how to fall off a flight of stairs with a wheelchair bouncing right behind my head, so I politely declined. Vince would have let me take that bump if I obliged and thankfully, I didn’t.” 

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