Santino Marella Wants WWE Return For First Time In Years

Despite being a jobber for the bulk of his career, Santino Marella is considered a legend of the WWE.

The Canadian-turned-Italian superstar debuted in 2007, coming in from the crowd as a fan and leaving as the Intercontinental Champion.

With the help of Bobby Lashley, he impressed the Milan crowd by beating Umaga in his debut match, in an all-time great WWE moment.

He has been gone from the WWE for close to a decade, but Santino Marella would like to return to the company, as revealed in a shocking new interview.

Santino Marella WWE Return

Santino Marella recently appeared on the “Ignorance Is Strength” podcast, and spoke about a wide variety of topics pertaining to his wrestling career.

During the conversation, Santino was asked about a potential return to the WWE. The former Intercontinental Champion revealed that he would like to return, nearly a decade after his last match.

Marella also referenced his return in the 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble, dressing up as his sister, “Santina Marella”, in a fan-favourite moment from the match.

Speaking to the Ignorance is Strength podcast, Santino Marella said;

“I would like…especially because a couple of years ago, I came back as Santina in 2020. I would like to actually comeback as Santino. I think people would really appreciate that.”

Santino Marella is currently the Director of Authority in Impact Wrestling, under the same name and character he used in the WWE.

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